Best TVs announced at CES 2022

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Al CES 2022 a multitude of laptops, desktop PCs, various smart home products, home appliances and other smart devices were presented. But they were also announced several new TVs to watch this year, as it is able to bring cutting-edge technology into our living rooms: here it is the best TVs announced at CES 2022.

The best CES 2022 TVs to watch this year

This year the Las Vegas tech convention, which took place in attendance despite many companies preferring to hold conferences online, showed what to expect from the future of televisions. From Sony to Samsung, LG and Panasonic, choosing the best TV in 2022 will be really tough.

Photo credits: Sony.

Sony showed at CES 2022 the first QD-OLED TV presented by a major manufacturer, making the latest and best in screen technology a reality. This technology combines the best of OLED, which gives perfect blacks, with the incredible color saturation of the quantum dots. The result is a screen that has 200% the color saturation of a traditional LED-LCD screen, with higher peak brightness and wider viewing angles than an OLED. The TV A95K QD-OLED Sony is therefore a real revolution, at least on paper, and expectations are very high.

The same company then presented a TV with mini-LED technology – the Z9K – with 8K resolution and XR technology Backlight Master Drive. This brings greater backlight control, a product with excellent motion processing and natural color reproduction. In addition, of course, to an incredible image quality thanks to the 8K resolution. Finally, among the best TVs announced at CES 2022 we also find the Sony A90K OLED, a TV that maintains the same panel as last year, but which brings with it a new processor to increase performance and processing quality.

Samsung’s new TVs unveiled at CES 2022

Samsung TV Neo QLED 2022Photo credits: Samsung.

Also Samsung announced new TVs coming this year, most notably unveiled the new mini-LED TVs in 8K and 4K part of the Neo QLED line. The new Samsung QN900B 8K Neo QLED TV comes with a new feature called Shape Adaptive Light Control which allows the TV to have better control of artifacts. The brightness also goes from 12-bit to 14-bit, with greater accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence.

Some Samsung TVs will also feature 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support, as well as HDMI 2.1 con 4K a 120Hz. Inside the QN900B 8K TV there is also Samsung’s Neo Quantum processor equipped with the Object Depth Enhancer function that will better separate objects from the foreground and background. The top of the range models will also have theActive Voice Amplifier e Object Tracking Sound, technologies that exploit artificial intelligence to make the sound more realistic when watching movies.

Samsung has also announced new MicroLED TVs, obviously intended for the premium market, which will be available in sizes of 89 “, 101” and even 110 “. As you can understand from the size, these televisions will not fit in the living room of all homes, much less the wallets of all consumers.

LG and Panasonic TVs of 2022

Also LG did not back down at CES 2022, presenting a series of 8K and 4K OLEDs, a MicroLED TV and new QNED mini-LED products. As with Samsung, almost all of these devices will be out of many users’ budgets, but dreaming costs nothing. Also there is the new 42 ”LG OLED 4K model OLED42C2, which in addition to a “small” size will have a cheaper price. It will also be equipped with the Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor and will support the 4K a 120Hz tramite le porte HDMI 2.1.

Panasonic best TV CES 2022Photo credits: Panasonic.

Panasonic instead it announced the new LZ2000 television, a top-of-the-range OLED, which will be available in variants from 55 “, 65” and – for the first time – 77 “. All three formats use the company’s next-generation Master OLED Pro technology, which brings with it higher brightness and greater precision in detail reproduction. The televisions announced at CES 2022 will also have two HDMI 2.1 ports with support for 4K 120Hz and VRR.

At the heart of this new model are some improved speakers for Dolby Atmos immersive audio. There are side speakers inserted last year, for a three-dimensional sound, but Panasonic has inserted an array of front speakers, for a wider sound.

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