Best used camera and lens shops | March 2021

Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

The world of photography is a beautiful realm, but also an expensive one. Fortunately, many camera and lens models are built to last and can often have more than one owner in their lifetime. This guide will help you orient yourself in the used world with our advice on the best used camera shops you can find in Italy!

Many times we happen to drool behind the latest camera model equipped with the latest electronic technologies, forgetting that the tool is only part of the creative process and that we often need much less to meet our needs. Furthermore the money saved by buying used material can be invested in travel or photo books that can open your mind more than any technological gimmick.

Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

Some vintage Canon lenses

Before starting with the list of shops it seems appropriate to provide some introductory information. If you are not interested you can jump straight to the list of the best used camera shops!

Best used camera shops (best used lens shops): why buy a used one

In addition to the aforementioned monetary savings, which allows you to invest in something that is not equipment, but which still becomes part of the creative process, there are really excellent cameras that do not have much to envy to the most recent ones. You may have to make some compromises with higher noise at high ISO sensitivities or with a less dense sensor. However, in most cases the specifications will be more than satisfactory, let’s not forget that a few years ago we were amazed by the characteristics of those cameras that today might seem outdated. The electronics run very fast, but fortunately no one forces us to keep up with them.

Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

Older technology does not guarantee high ISO performance, however within certain limits and with good post-production it is still possible to achieve great results

For optics the concept is doubly true: in fact, glass ages much more slowly than silicon. Nowadays it is not even necessary to give up automatisms with autofocus and exposure metering, most of the optics used are perfectly compatible with the most recent camera bodies. Obviously no one forbids some particularly nostalgic characters from going to manual focus optics, your wallet could be even happier in this case.

To give some examples one Sony A7 II used you can find it for a third of the price of the new A7 III. A Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L USM is easily found used for less than half the list price. And if we really want to say it all, with just over 500 euros you can take one home Nikon D700 used: Used by a flood of professionals in its day, it can offer you the quality of a Full Frame sensor and a bombproof body at the same price as an entry level APS-C.

Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

Nikon D700: a milestone in photography, but still a reliable companion today

Best used camera shops (best used lens shops): the guarantee of the shops

The market for used cameras and optics has taken off among private individuals thanks to the web that allows you to meet a large number of people through specialized sites or forums. Buying from private individuals you can certainly save a little more, while assuming all the risks involved. Nobody can give you a real guarantee – that’s why we have created a guide to help you avoid unpleasant situations.

A shop, on the other hand, is obliged to provide a legal guarantee. There is a law that requires the seller to provide assistance in the event that the product does not conform to what is stated in the deed of sale. In the event that it is not possible to repair or replace the piece, compensation must be made. There legal guarantee provided for by the Consumer Code applies for a period of 24 months and the buyer has 2 months to notify the damage after he detected it. In practice, in the 26 months following the purchase you can at any time brandish your receipt and demand justice. The seller is obliged to provide assistance – not the parent company or any other out-of-body entity – if he does not, contact a consumer association.

Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

The 24-month warranty is the standard of the Italian legislation

In some cases, as very often happens in the case of used vehicles, the warranty can be reduced up to a minimum of 12 months. Always ask for at least 12 months warranty because it is your legal right. In any case, in the absence of specific indications, the guarantee has a duration of 24 months.

As the stores have to provide the guarantee they are also incentivized to check and refurbish items for sale, always specifying in the case of second-hand any imperfections that may compromise the correct functioning of the device. When you buy any used object in Italy, know that there is this series of protections provided by law for the benefit of consumers.

Best used camera shops (best used lens shops): shop selection

To select the shops to be included in the guide we used the following criteria:

  • We first tried to ensure good geographical coverage choosing the stores: it is important that all readers can take advantage of this guide and, in the case of physical stores, also view the material before purchasing.
  • The second criterion is the evaluation of the website, of the ease with which you can find the articles and of methods offered to customers to contact the staff. Any additional online services were also considered.
  • The third criterion is based on the user feedback which is always an indication of the seriousness of any service.
  • Finally, the quantity and quality of the products offered.

I would say that the premise is over and it is time to start with thelist of the best used camera shops. This is not a ranking, although basically in the first positions of the list you will find the shops with the best features and the most useful services and then to progressively climb. Before moving on to the detailed descriptions, we also present a summary list of the complete list:

  • RCE foto
  • Reflexmania
  • Photo Specialist
  • Photo Dotti
  • Cavour optical photo
  • Sabatini Photography
  • Newold camera
  • Orlando photo studio
  • Best used camera shops (best used lens shops): new release notes

    In this paragraph of text we will add, if necessary, information about the latest news that will be included in this guide from time to time! Nothing to report for this month, but keep following us to stay updated!

    Best used camera shops (best used lens shops): RCE photos

    RCE foto is a chain of 10 specialty stores present in Veneto for over 50 years and with over 30 partner stores in different regions of Italy. They deal with the sale of new items, assistance and obviously also the sale of used items.

    Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

    One of the 10 RCE stores, Padua

    Their used warehouse boasts cameras and lenses from all the most famous brands, with more than 3000 refurbished pieces and available to buyers. All products before being put on sale are checked by the staff and obviously the warranty up to 2 years. The cards of each device are complete and well equipped with all information, including any aesthetic defects.

    Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

    Example of product sheet from the RCE foto website

    The site is very pleasant to navigate and user friendly: the products are classified by brand and category in order to facilitate the search. Online services are among the best in the business. RCE offers the possibility of buy from anywhere in Italy with insured BRT shipping. Even for those who want to sell their used goods quickly, RCE provides for the collection by courier throughout the peninsula and the telematic evaluation of your photographic material, after completing the form. it is also possible permutare its own material both with new and used. All the procedures are simple and the costs are transparent, for more information we refer you to the official website. You can contact the individual stores by email or by telephone, and RCE foto is also present on social networks to answer your questions.

    The spearhead is in the service “Notify me if it arrives”. Even if it is well supplied, it is not possible that the used catalog contains the object of your wishes. Little, you don’t have to despair and spend hours on the Internet looking for another reliable offer: just fill out a simple online form and you will be contacted by the staff as soon as the product you are interested in is made available. You can then go and try it or buy it immediately. Convenient isn’t it?

    Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

    The staff of the RCE store in Verona

    If you want to visit one of the many physical locations you will find a trained and passionate staff, willing to talk and let you try the products you want to buy. It will be like chatting with a passionate friend. The chain enjoys an excellent reputation among customers and many positive reviews testify to this. What more can I say? If you try RCE foto you won’t be able to do without it!

    Best used camera shops (best used lens shops): Reflexmania

    Reflexmania is a shop that deals almost exclusively with the online trade of used photographic material. It is widespread throughout Europe and can count on the partnership of e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay.

    Their catalog is the more stocked: For the most common camera and lens models you will always find 5-6 pieces available. You will also have little time to decide why the platform is really huge and it may be that someone will arrive before you. There quality and transparency are essential on Reflexmania: every piece that arrives is subjected to at least 12 checks (clearly shown on the dedicated page) including general check and cleaning, mirror check, AF motors and optics lenses check. All suited to providing a full guarantee for 2 years. The product sheets are very complete and detailed.

    Best used camera and lens shops |  March 2021

    Example of a product sheet from the Reflexmania website

    Of course it is also possible sell or exchange your objects: just fill in the form and you will be contacted. All collections are free and made by courier. In case of purchase, shipments have a variable cost depending on the type.

    In site the search is very simple: just type the name of the desired object in the search bar or let yourself be guided by the various menus that group the products on sale. At the bottom of the page you will find the links that lead to all information on how to sell, pay, shipments and so on. Everything is presented clearly and without complicated words. The platform offers numerous contact methods from emails to the chat incorporated into the site, up to social channels. A telephone or Whatsapp contact is also possible.

    Exists one location …