Best voice assistants |  March 2021

Best voice assistants | August 2023

Would you like to make your home and life a little smarter? Choose one of the best voice assistants for smartphones and home automation

The voice assistants they are the protagonists of the technological evolution of recent years. These artificial intelligence and machine learning software first spread to smartphones, and then came to integrate with thousands of other devices, mainly those of domotica smart.

Thanks to their use it is possible to give commands or ask questions and receive the answer or the execution of the command. In this way it is possible, in addition to controlling your smartphone, also control compatible home appliances with your voice.

Echo & Alexa by Amazon – Best voice assistants

Alexa and the voice assistant on all i smart devices manufactured by Amazonbut not only: at the moment it is the voice assistant that has the greatest compatibility with third-party devices, such as Philips. This factor must be taken into consideration if you are planning to make your home smart.

Alexa is able to answer general questions and perform actions, and is fully integrated into the Amazon shopping ecosystem, allowing you to place orders, cancel them or track their status.

There are several devices produced by Amazon with integrated Alexa, among which we find several smart speaker e smart hub con display.

Google Home with Google Assistant – Best voice assistants

The ecosystem of Google it is slowly expanding, even if it is not yet at Amazon’s level in terms of compatible devices, especially those from third-party manufacturers.

On the other side, Google Assistant it is probably the best among voice assistants when it comes to recognizing questions of questions and the answers it provides.

Google Assistant it can send messages, initiate calls, play music, provide information or translate sentences into other languages, but also control home automation, such as temperature regulation or the lighting system.

Among the main products with Google assist, as well as obviously the smartphone app, I point out:

Apple Siri – Best voice assistants

The voice assistant of the Cupertino house integrates perfectly with all Apple devicesbut also with the home automation accessories Works with Apple HomeKit certified, which allow you to control practically the whole house simply with your voice.

At present the fleet compatible devices with Siri is quite limitedespecially with regards to i third-party devices.

From reading messages while wearing your AirPods, to dictating messages on your Apple Watch, from setting alarms and reminders or showing you the day’s appointments, to controlling your music, Apple Siri is able to control and manage many aspects of our daily routine.

The integration with Apple devices is practically seamlessif you are looking for a device to buy you can consider one of the following:

Samsung Bixby – Best voice assistants

Bixby it is the most “immature” voice assistant among those mentioned so far. At the moment it is compatible only with Samsung devices belonging to the Note and Galaxy S seriesstarting with Note8 and Galaxy S8/S8+ onwards.

The functions available are the standard ones of voice assistants, very similar to what Google Assistant and Siri already do.

On the smart home side, Bixby can control a park Samsung SmartThings and third-party devices expanding, which also includes many household products such as washing machines, ovens, refrigerators and light bulbs.

Microsoft Cortana – Best voice assistants

Cortana it’s your home voice assistant Microsoft that all of us have come across at least once in our lives.

Like all smart assistants, it is constantly evolving: in fact, it is recent news that Cortana will be ditching Android and iOS altogether in early 2021e it will stop working even on the smart speaker Harman Kardon Invoke.

This does not mean that it will disappear from the market, but instead of focusing on integration with smartphones and home automation, it will aim to expand integration with Microsoft 365, focusing exclusively on the world of productivity.

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