Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024

Let's find out together, in this dedicated article, which are the best WhatsApp monitoring apps for Android

Today, smartphones play an important role in keeping us connected. However, the large amount of information available can make it difficult to separate the good from the bad.

It has become increasingly essential to monitor digital communication. Whether it's keeping your child from interacting with strangers or ensuring employees remain productive, it's crucial to stay vigilant.

WhatsApp is by far the most popular communications app, offering messaging, calling, and media sharing features.

However, it has some disadvantages. Excessive use can expose children to cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and online predators. Likewise, employees could use it inappropriately during working hours, spending time on non-productive sites, or, even worse, disclosing sensitive data.

So, what is the solution here? It's simple: monitor applications.

Top 5 WhatsApp Monitoring Software for Android

With its growing popularity, monitoring software has become essential for tracking WhatsApp. But the issue here is the security of WhatsApp. With options like end-to-end encryption, vanishing messages, and single view, it becomes even more difficult to monitor the exchange of conversations on WhatsApp.

However, there are some advanced monitoring software with robust algorithms that can remotely track user activity on WhatsApp and bypass the application's security restrictions. In this article, we will discuss five such software that can overcome such challenges and provide you with a top-notch monitoring experience.

Here is a list of WhatsApp monitoring applications in this guide:

  • XNspy
  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy
  • Phone Ver
  • ClevGuard

XNspy – Best overall with the most versatile features

XNspy has been voted the best monitoring software by Engadget and Entrepreneur. It is a versatile and reliable application that offers robust functionality without requiring rooting your Android device.

The intuitive panel provides information on all user activity on WhatsApp, including details on call logs, chat conversations and media exchanges. XNspy works in stealth mode and extracts crucial data without violating user privacy.

Additionally, the app offers other features, such as call and ambient sound recording, GPS location tracking, call log monitoring, and screen time management.

XNspy WhatsApp monitoring features

XNspy offers a dedicated section in the panel to track WhatsApp activities. Here, message logs show conversations between users and their contacts. The list shows the contact's name, number, the last message in the conversation, and the time the message arrived.

After clicking on a contact, a full conversation thread opens. This shows all messages sent and received by the target user, along with any media exchanges, shared links or file attachments. You can also check the precise date and time of each message.

Even if the user deletes messages from the conversation on their device, you will still be able to view them in the conversation. Furthermore, if the user uninstalls WhatsApp, XNspy will retain all conversations between the user and his contacts.

In addition to viewing the chat, the app's message log allows you to view each message in chronological order. This means that unique replies appear instead of a thread. These messages also display a date and time stamp.

XNspy allows you to track all photos exchanged on WhatsApp. After opening the Photos section in the panel, use the search bar to filter WhatsApp media from other images saved on the monitored device. You can enlarge the image and save it too.

Learn more about XNspy online monitoring app for WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024

mSpy – Easier to use

mSpy is a widely recognized application, designed for users who want to monitor WhatsApp messages and activities discreetly. The application is compatible with most Android devices.

The panel features a section dedicated to WhatsApp that records and displays user activity. mSpy also offers other features, such as call log tracking, SMS chat access, and web history monitoring.

mSpy WhatsApp monitoring features

WhatsApp monitoring provides detailed information on everything the user does, from messages to voice calls and media files. After tapping WhatsApp in the panel, the information is divided into three sections: messages, contact list and call logs.

The messages section displays chats along with the message text and a date/time stamp. Clicking on a specific chat will open the conversation, revealing received and sent messages, as well as any photo exchanges. You can check the date and time to track the activity. mSpy allows you to view even deleted chats.

The contact list shows the names of contacts that the user has saved on WhatsApp. Clicking on a specific name will reveal its number.

The call logs section lists received and dialed voice calls on WhatsApp. All these calls are displayed with the contact name and their date/time stamps.

Learn more about the mSpy monitoring application for WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024

FlexiSpy – Ideal for iOS devices

FlexiSpy is an efficient WhatsApp tracking application and probably the oldest on the list. Once installed, the app will silently record interactions on WhatsApp without alerting the user.

You can use FlexiSpy control panel to remotely access user activity on WhatsApp. This includes viewing messages, listening to calls and monitoring call logs. The application also provides additional tools such as location tracking, viewing installed apps and recording your surroundings.

FlexiSpy WhatsApp monitoring features

FlexiSpy allows you to monitor the WhatsApp activity of the monitored device. However, there is no dedicated section.

To view messages, click the IM (instant messages) tab in the panel. This will show interactions from all instant messaging apps. You need to click on the WhatsApp icon to see the chat. After opening a chat, sent and received messages appear with date and time. You can view the contact's name and profile photos.

FlexiSpy offers a VoIP call recording feature that allows users to record WhatsApp calls. As soon as the call is made or received, the app will record it and upload it to the panel.

You can listen to recordings via VoIP recordings in the panel. The details also include the contact name, call duration and date.

Read more about FlexiSpy monitoring application for WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024

PhoneSee – Best Customer Support

PhoneSee is a prominent WhatsApp monitoring application that makes it easy to track activities and messages on the target phone. The application runs unnoticed and operates on almost all Android devices.

An easy-to-use control panel allows you to access and analyze WhatsApp data collected from the monitored device. PhoneSee also offers other features such as screen capture, keylogger, and Internet monitoring.

PhoneSee's WhatsApp monitoring features

Like other applications, PhoneSee has a dedicated section that tracks all the user's conversations on WhatsApp. There is also a separate section to monitor chats, view contacts and call logs.

All user chats are shown in the messages column. One click will open a specific chat and show sent and received messages. You can read text and access any media or document exchange. All messages are accompanied by a corresponding date/time stamp.

The call logs section provides complete details such as contact name, number, duration and date and time of the call. While you are in the contacts section, you can view all the contacts saved by the user.

PhoneSee also allows you to access WhatsApp voice notes and track exchanged videos and photos on the target phone.

Know more about PhoneSee monitoring application for Whatsapp.

Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024

ClevGuard – Safer

ClevGuard is a sophisticated application with KidGuards dedicated to WhatsApp. This includes features that allow you to view WhatsApp status, messages, photos, call recordings and much more from the target device.

After installation, the application operates in stealth mode and remains invisible to the user. ClevGuard also offers several other monitoring features, such as screen recording, keyword alerts, and location tracking.

ClevGuard WhatsApp monitoring features

WhatsApp Tracking is offered as a separate product, so you get a bundle of features. The panel offers access to chats, calls, alerts, photos and status.

After clicking on chat, you can view all the conversations the user has with certain contacts. These conversations include text messages, access to shared media files, and any links and locations.

WhatsApp call history feature allows you to view and record received and dialed calls. You can check other details such as contact name, duration and time stamp of calls. Clevguard allows you to export WhatsApp data, such as chats, calls, contact lists and keywords, to your device.

The photos feature offers access to all WhatsApp photos saved on your device. The panel also allows you to view your total WhatsApp screen time, and you can even set limits for certain times during the week.

Read more about ClevGuard WhatsApp monitoring application.

Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps for Android in 2024


WhatsApp is by far the most common application that people of all ages use to communicate on a daily basis.

However, excessive and unregulated use can make users vulnerable to potential dangers. Therefore, monitoring applications are essential to monitor interactions on WhatsApp between users, such as children and employees. Many of these programs provide WhatsApp monitoring with access to the target device's chats, calls, and media.

All in all,…