Betclic Apogee: milestone in line with the UN 2030 agenda

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Betclic Apogee becomes the world’s first Esports Carbon Neutral team. Historic goal of the Esport world towards environmental sustainability

In recent years we have often heard about eco-sustainability, climate change and everything that refers to the protection of our planet and the living beings who live on it. The united nations, in a unanimous vote, created what is called the “2030 Agenda”. This includes a number of goals to be achieved by 2030, including using companies and countries for sustainable and accessible energy and fighting climate change. Many companies, therefore, have moved to achieve these objectives, and today we find the Betclic Apogee. In fact, the Esport team is the first team to have zeroed CO2 emissions and obtained a certification.

The team, known above all for its activity on FIFA, has launched a sustainability project in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda that does not end with this certification. In fact, the carbon credits will be used in innovative regeneration projects.

Betclic Apogee: a historic milestone

The environmental sustainability seal was awarded by ZEROCertified, based in the Netherlands. This milestone becomes very important for the Esport world, as it creates a significant history regarding the zeroing of CO2 emissions. Gonçalo Brandeirothe CEO of Betclic Apogee, is very satisfied, declaring that the certification of Carbon Neutral is the achievement of a dream that the team has been pursuing for some time.

It is a matter of great pride for us to kick off this global transformation process with Betclic Apogee. The whole process led to a new awareness of the team regarding present and future energy and mobility choices.

Betclic Apogee: milestone in line with the UN 2030 agenda

Naturally, this historic event increases the value of the Esport world and brings within it the awareness that it is possible to achieve a goal of such high value. Also the Country Manager Italy, Maria Raffaella Micuccio, said she was enthusiastic about this milestone. You stressed that sustainable development and attention to the environment and the planet are important in Betclic Apogee. This, for Maria Raffaella, gives the team the opportunity to reach a young and heterogeneous audience, as well as allowing them to acquire a role at the forefront not only with regard to zeroing CO2 emissions in the world of eSports, but also as promoters of awareness. of the new generations towards a topic of vital importance for everyone.

The certification process has been subjected to rigorous scientific scrutiny, under the direction of experts from the Zero Waste Lab. In order to be able to assess their ecological footprint, the team developed an APP to calculate the emissions produced. Each member thus monitored their own activity by calculating the CO2 consumption. The final result was an estimate of 400 tons of CO2 that will be emitted in total by the team over the course of 2022. Through this process it was possible to eliminate CO2 emissions and also generate a positive impact by supporting a regeneration project.

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