Bethesda: formed a new studio dedicated to remakes and remasters?

According to some rumors that have appeared on the net, Bethesda may have given birth to a new internal studio, dedicated to the development of remakes and remasters

When we talk about Bethesda, and consequently Microsoft, it is very easy to think of a large number of studios engaged in the development of various games. And yet, despite so much abundance, at least according to some rumors appeared on the network, it cannot be excluded that this number is destined to increase further, given that the birth of a new internal study. If the rumors were confirmed, the new entry would be a very particular reality, given that it should be focused on the realization of very peculiar projects, such as remake and remaster of already known titles.

Bethesda may have created a new studio dedicated to remakes and remasters

To fuel the speculations in this direction, he thought about it YouTuber Skullzi, known for having already provided numerous news focused on Bethesda. And it is through a Twitter post that the personality in question has released the first clues, which would have arisen from a couple of sources within Bethesda itself, which would have confirmed the birth of the new team in question, as well as its focus on the type of projects just mentioned.

It was originally speculated that the study in question it should have been called Artifact, but in a later Tweet, Skullzi indicated how this name refers to a company engaged in making a documentary, aimed at celebrating the 10th anniversary of Skyrim. Even if given the amount of porting of which the famous RPG was the protagonist, it cannot be excluded that this anniversary may be accompanied by yet another incarnation (waiting for TES 6).

Of course, being a rumor, as repeatedly confirmed by the YouTuber himself, who was quick to declare of not having been able to personally confirm the news, we invite you to take what has just been written with all due caution. However, given the certainly not small number of titles under the US gaming giant, it should not be surprising if these speculations ended up turning into reality.

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