Betting applications for iOS devices

There can be no self-respecting smartphone without applications! Let’s discover the betting applications for iOS devices

If you look into your pockets for a moment, what could you find inside them? Let’s try to imagine some examples and pretend to put everything on the table. Your house or car keys, a few coins, a tissue, a candy or two, a few coins, your wallet, but what certainly cannot be missing is your smartphone.

After all, how could it be otherwise? The smartphone is practically one of our “steadfast companions” thanks to which we can keep in touch with the world, receive news from every corner of the globe, take photos, shoot videos, make online payments, spend time with some small games, but above all have fun customizing it even more with the many app.

In fact, there can be no self-respecting smartphone without applications! However, when it comes to modern mobile telephony, the classic dualism between Android and Apple devices, or iOS if you prefer, famous for the bitten apple logo and a unique and innovative design of its kind. Regardless of what one might say, Steve Jobs really had some great strokes of genius!

Betting applications for iOS devices

But now let’s go back to the applications with which to “occupy” some memory of our favorite device. In fact, you must know that, among the wide spectrum of options available to you, you can also enjoy all the games and thrills of the casinos and lounges betting on the AppStore. And then, the great thing is that you can do it wherever you like best given the small size of theiPhone and that you only need a couple of taps with your fingers.

Once these few basic concepts have been clarified, let’s now make some examples of an application dedicated entirely to safe gambling that you can use on your iPhone or iPad to place a few bets or play around with poker, slot machines and the like.

We also remind you that all the applications that we are going to list here work on all devices that have a operating system iOS 12.0 or higher:

  • BetFlag Casino App: ideal for all fans of Casino, Slot and Live Casino games and those who want to experience the atmosphere that can only be felt in a real casino.
  • BetFlag Betting + App: the perfect application to stay up to date on all events in the world of sport including odds, standings and results in real time in the Serie A, Serie B, Champions League, Italian Cup, Bundesliga and so on
  • App Virtual di BetFlag: dedicated to those who, in addition to football, want to be always updated on cycling, tennis, motorcycles and even dog and horse racing.
  • Horse Racing App by BetFlag: when you say a name that speaks of solo, perfect for those who love the world of horse racing including trot and gallop, totalizator and fixed odds bets.
  • App Exchange: to bet and bank on sporting events between Serie A, Serie B, Champions League, Coppa Italia, Bundesliga and the like.