Betting sites have more and more traffic thanks to eSports

The best eSports betting sites allow you to bet on the leagues of the strongest players in the world. Let’s find out how

Esports kept online betting afloat during the lockdown and continued to reap success in 2021.

The world of betting has been saved by the web and eSports. As well as other sectors, that of betting has heavily suffered the effects of Covid-19. In fact, starting from the first lockdown, betting agencies were among the first businesses to be closed and almost the last to reopen. But the enormous damage to the offline sector, caused by closures and social distancing, has been offset by the growth of remote gaming.

After the first moments of disorientation due to the pandemic, Italians have started or resumed playing on betting sites. eSports, a word that was still little used before, became popular all of a sudden. In fact, when all the activities were closed and the championships of every sport were also interrupted the chances of online betting were dwindling. And by the time even the last championship of some minor division in Azerbaijan was stopped, eSports betting remained the only chance for fun.

Virtual matches and competitions, this is how eSports work

In 2021, after a very positive 2020, the online betting sector continued to record consistent numbers, with new trends driving growth. In fact, there are more and more betting sites on legal eSports in Italy.

Most betting operators now offer their players the main leagues for bet on video game competitions. This is in fact eSports, competitions between video game players all over the world. Betting on esports is very similar to the experience of betting on traditional sports. The player can choose one of the challengers based on statistics and odds, select his stake and click on the button that allows you to place the bet. There is no shortage of championships that are played all over the world with finals that attract thousands of bettors.

In order to bet, you must be of legal age and register with one of the best eSports betting sites. By these we mean only the legal bookmakers in Italy which operate thanks to a concession from the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the best guarantee for players as explained in the past.

eSports, a lasting opportunity?

Undoubtedly esports betting has been a major trend in online gaming throughout 2021, but many doubt that it will continue to grow in 2022. online games like FIFA or DOTA 2 hugely popular during the pandemic, and in various periods of social distancing, according to many, may not continue to enjoy the same success in the immediate future. The reason for this skepticism lies in the consideration that eSports are considered only a substitute for real sports, and when these are available they lose their appeal.

Betting sites have more and more traffic thanks to eSports

Furthermore, many players are suspicious of the integrity of the results of competitions between gamers, also because they do not trust 100% of the technologies used. This is bound to change, however, as technological understanding increases and younger players enter the world of betting. Unlike boomers, new users can be more confident in the integrity of esports betting than traditional sports betting, which in the past has faced numerous corruption scandals. Among these we remember the one that concerned odds on games never played in Ukraine during the first lockdown.

The best eSports and video game turnover

In 2021, the global revenue of the gaming sector was estimated at 87.2 billion euros, with the online sector recording a growth of 19%. Of all the online gambling on the best eSports and traditional betting sites, ben the 50.5% were made from mobile devices. This share is destined to rise and represents another evident and irreversible trend in remote gaming.

There are many operators to focus on eSports. According to the forecasts of the research firm Newzoo the competitive game of the video game industry will generate $ 1.79 billion over the course of 2022. Although related to the closures imposed by the pandemic, many events and competitions can also take place with great appeal to the public. We recall, for example, that the Fortnite World Cup 2019 debuted at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York and attracted almost 20,000 spectators.

Betting sites have more and more traffic thanks to eSports

Esports includes many games, some very popular and others still little known to the general public. Among those that have generated the most money in 2021 is League of Legends, with 7.3 million dollars. The current world champion made half a million dollars playing.

One of the most popular games in Italy is undoubtedly Fortnite which has a turnover of 9.5 million dollars. Overall he earned the most Arena of Valor, a MOBA little known here, but very popular in Asia and the Far East. At the top of the chart is a CS: GO shooter that has produced around $ 21 million and DOTA 2 with a turnover of 47.2 million, present on all eSports betting sites.