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Betting sites: how to stay up to date on offers and bonuses

If you want to stay up to date on offers and bonuses from betting sites, we will teach you a very effective trick!

For those who frequent betting sites and online casinos it will not be new: many sites often offer bonuses and promotional offers – especially babies – which allow you to increase your chances of winning or have credit as a gift. Taking advantage of these opportunities can be a really good opportunity to play at zero or almost no cost. The problem is that these offers are unpredictable and limited in time so you should keep an eye on all the betting sites or sign up for tedious newsletters. But maybe there is a solution:

Betting sites: how to stay up to date on offers and bonuses

Stay up to date on promotions on betting sites

The operation of is very simple. It works like a kind of aggregator. Basically this website collects all offers and bonuses active on betting sites. All offers are presented following the same pattern in order to facilitate comparison.

For each promotion, the amount and duration of the bonus is indicated, with any codes to be entered. In addition, additional information is provided, such as particular rules or geographical restrictions.

Betting sites: how to stay up to date on offers and bonuses

Other services

The site is particularly attentive to welcome bonus. In fact, it is the latter who offer the most advantageous promotions with the aim of attracting new customers quickly. Other promotions are also reported such as promotional codes or cash back. So if you want to stay up to date on new websites, you can check the website.

Among other things, there is also a website rating service. This is particularly useful because recently opened sites are usually very tiring. For this reason the service is very useful. The rating depends on 5 different sources: Good Bookmaker Review, Bookmakers Review, SBR, WOSB and Top 100 Bookmaker. Users can also provide their feedback to make the assessment as accurate as possible.

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