Beware of fake WhatsApp emails: they contain viruses

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Recently some researchers of Armorblox they spotted one new hacking campaign which is targeting users of WhatsApp through some email false that contain virus. Let’s find out all the details together.

Some Russian hackers send fake WhatsApp emails containing viruses

According to the company it deals with secure communication platformsthe criminals pretend to be officials of the Center for Road Safety of the Moscow region. Hackers are taking advantage of Meta’s messaging app, WhatsAppto make the victims believe they have received a voice message through an email.

In the object, moreover, there is a graphic similar to that of the app messaging, complete with a button play to start the voice message. How does the virus work? Very simple. Unlucky users will click for listen to the audio: actually this procedure will bring them back to a site which, after receiving the allow command, will install a virus on users’ PCs.

The goal of the malware is to store all saved passwords, including – of course – those of the various financial and payment services. At the moment this phishing campaign has struck over 27,600 users.

Armorblox obviously tells users to pay attention and reminds them of an important aspect: WhatsApp does not send emails to its users. However, many could fall into the trap. The company reveals that the sender of the fake email came from a real address and therefore not fake – hackers are believed to have stolen it. It is a web domain belonging to the center for the road safety of the Moscow region, with suffix

For this reason the antiviruses did not block it nor put in spam. Therefore, remember that WhatsApp does not send emails to its users and pay particular attention to all the emails you receive. Finally, remember to do not open suspicious attachments.