Ubisoft is working on a new battle royale called Pathfinder

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According to reports from various sources, Ubisoft would be working on a new third-person battle royale called Pathfinder.

Pathfinder: what is the new Ubisoft project?

The Exputer portal (and not only) reports that Ubisoft would be working on a new third-person shooter, probably a battle royale. The code name of the project would be Pathfinder, but it cannot be ruled out that this changes to the official release. According to these sources, the game would consist of a team battle of 4 people, who will have to face various obstacles on an island.

Players will also have to fight the enemies of the AI, which will become more and more difficult as you get closer to the safe zone. In the final battle, players will have to defeat a boss, also managed by the AI. As in the Rainbow Six series, each playable character will have unique characteristics and abilities. According to sources, the game will feature a central hub that will allow users to train, attend themed events and make in-game purchases.

Other portals compare Pathfinder to Hyper Scape, a game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, which will be permanently closed at the end of April. The announcement came at the beginning of the year, when the developers had declared: “We have made the difficult decision to end development of Hyper Scape and close the game servers starting on April 28”.

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