Beyoncé and other artists from the Cadillac Records soundtrack come to ANote

Beyoncé e altri artisti dalla colonna sonora di Cadillac Records arrivano su ANote thumbnail

ANote now holds 50% of the Master Rights to the Cadillac Records movie soundtrack, featuring songs by Beyoncé, Solange Knowles, Q-Tip, Nas, and Mos Def. The rights, owned by Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Corporation, include blues covers, original R&B numbers and popular hits from the aforementioned artists.

This means that from today users can invest in the royalties of the songs in the catalog and this does not only include the soundtrack of the film. Indeed, the ANote catalog includes several hits by Beyoncé, such as I’d Rather Go Blind, All I Could Do Was Cry, Once In A Lifetime and Trust In Me.

Other examples are Let’s Take a Walk with vocals by Raphael Saadiq, My Babe (Columbus Short), Radio Station (Terence Blanchard), Smokestack Ligthnin’ (Eamonn Walker) and I’m A Man (Jeffery Wright). For the Italian market, for example, it is possible to invest in de songs The Vibrations.

What is ANote, the platform that allows you to invest in Beyoncé’s royalties

ANote Music was born as a startup and is currently the main European marketplace for investment in music royalties, founded by Italians Marzio F. Schena e Matthew Cernuschi it’s yes Gregoire Mathonetall under 30. Through its platform and its services, ANote Music proposes itself as intermediary between artists and investors, allowing you to purchase shares of the royalties of famous artists for a certain period of time (which can even reach several years), with which to generate a passive income. All investment proposals are accompanied by accurate statistics on previous income and forecasts on future ones, which allow you to orientate yourself in the purchase.

ANote recently announced the partnership with the Revelator platform, which allows investors to auction the acquired royalties. Last June, Sterling Fox and Sundance Music also joined ANote’s vast catalog.

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