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Beyond a Steel Sky: the new cyberpunk adventure arrives on consoles

First images and trailers of Beyond a Steel Sky for consoles, a thrilling story of loyalty and redemption set in a haunting and terrifying world ruled by artificial intelligences.

Beyond a Steel Sky arriva su console

Revolution Software, the studio behind the popular Broken Sword series, and French publisher Microids, are proud to announce that Beyond a Steel Sky is finally available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game – which we reviewed here – is the spiritual heir to the super classic Beneath a Steel Sky. The console versions of the game feature several gameplay enhancements, such as controller vibration, and 4K resolution in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Beyond a Steel Sky presents itself as a thrilling story of loyalty and redemption set in a haunting and terrifying world ruled by artificial intelligences. Set a decade after the events of the first Beneth chapter on Steel Sky, Beyond a Steel Sky once again transports players to the fascinating dystopian and cyberpunk atmosphere of Union City, a city full of disturbing and mysterious secrets.

Featuring the unique style of Dave Gibbons comic books, the game is an extremely ambitious adventure that redefines the genre, giving the player the chance to subvert the world they will be living in.

“Thanks to Microids, Beyond a Steel Sky is finally available for all players. We had the opportunity to significantly improve and strengthen the game, and I am very happy with the result. After critical acclaim on the previous formats, I can’t wait to hear the response from players who will try their hand at the console version, whether they are new or fans of the original “, he comments Charles Cecil, founder and CEO of Revolution Software.

Title features:

  • A fascinating science fiction world – An adventure set in a fast-paced futuristic world, populated by determined characters driven by motivations that the player can subvert. Thanks to a unique hacking tool, each puzzle will have different solutions depending on the player’s choices.
  • An exciting story full of humor – Dark Conspiracies, a terrifying antagonist for a dramatic and entertaining cyberpunk thriller, which explores absolutely contemporary themes: social control, artificial intelligence and totalitarian surveillance.
  • Absolutely unique graphics – A wonderfully detailed 3D comic-style world created by the genius of legendary cartoonist Dave Gibbons.
  • Ingenious puzzles – Lots of puzzles that intertwine with a dramatic and intriguing narrative to deliver an engaging gaming experience.

The editions of Beyond a Steel Sky: Steel Book Edition e Utopia Edition

The Beyond a Steel Book Edition contains:

  • An exclusive Steelbook with artwork by Dave Gibbons.
  • The game for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.
  • The original soundtrack of the game (in digital format).
  • A sheet with lots of stickers.

The Utopia Edition, in addition to all the elements of the Beyond a Steel Book Edition, contains:

  • Una speciale Collector’s Box.
  • An exclusive holographic lamp.
  • A 50 page mini artbook.
  • 5 Holo-ad Card
  • A dual use tag (key ring and necklace)
  • An Enamel brooch
  • 2 XXL Premium Stickers
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