Bandai Namco celebra i venti anni di .hack con la remaster di .hack//G.U. Last Recode thumbnail

Last Recode: arriva la remaster di .hack//G.U.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the .hack franchise, Bandai Namco is launching the remaster edition of .hack // GU Last Recode.

Bandai Namco: the Remaster of .hack // GU LAST RECODE arrives

Bandai Namco Europe recently announced the release of the remaster of .hack//G.U. LAST RECODE for Nintendo Switch. The franchise of .hack // GU was born from a collaboration between two giants of Japanese animation: Ito Kazunori (Mobile Police PATLABOR) e Sadamoto Yoshiyuki (Neon Genesis Evangelion), and gave birth to a futuristic JRPG focused on The World, a virtual MMORPG but with real-world consequences.

By re-entering the .hack // GU series, players will take on the role of Haseo, who intends to track down the Tri-Edge Player Killer to avenge his friend Shino, who was killed in the game but in a coma in real life.

The remaster edition, previously launched on PS4, includes all three original titles, Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption, as well as a fourth and final story, Reconnection, now fully remastered and revamped for Nintendo Switch to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

The Remaster edition will be available in digital format fromMarch 11, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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