Beyond Contact: the new sci-fi survival arrives on Steam

Beyond Contact: il nuovo sci-fi survival arriva su Steam thumbnail

Koch Media and Playcorp have officially announced the release of the nuovo sci-fi survival Beyond Contact. The game arrives su Steam in versione Early Access proposing itself as a live game with the aim of maximizing the players during the development process. Beyond Contact is inspired by the art and style of sci-fi pulp comics, the moral dilemmas of contemporary sci-fi movies and the ruthless gameplay of classic survival.

Beyond Contact arriva in Early Access

The game makes available a deep exploration and a solid research and creation system flanked by a very intuitive base building system and many other features go to deepen the gameplay of the title. Beyond Contact has several objectives, always proposing a new approach. The presence of Narrative Driven Quest e NPC alien. From a technical standpoint, we report a dynamically diverse, robust and lethal world that is powered by the Unity engine. More details are available on Steam page of the game.

Playcorp’s comment

Chris Mosley, CEO di Playcorp, underlines: “Beyond Contact is an optimistic vision of the future. Imagine humanity thriving and even helping other species survive, because diversity is the key to thriving. Tying together a survival game and a story presented many unique design challenges, some still ongoing. Integrating all of this into a cooperative multiplayer experience where players have to work together is the next big challenge ahead of full release early next year. “