Beyond hardware: NVIDIA software you may not know

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LAS VEGAS – “NVIDIA” = “graphics cards”. A trivial equation which, however, sums up well what 90% of us think about when someone mentions the American company. Yet the company of Santa Clara (California) is not limited to this. Alongside the engineers who created the new Series 40 laptop GPUs, we find a flood of developers who have created just as many software programs and features, designed to improve the lives of all of us.
Which? To find out, we spent 90 minutes at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, surrounded by the news that NVIDIA decided to bring to the CES 2023.

NVIDIA Broadcast and eye contact

We ran into NVIDIA Broadcast a few years ago, almost by accident. Since then he has become a faithful companion on adventures.
It’s about a software based on Artificial Intelligence that helps you improve the quality of your streams and video calls with a series of tools that allow, among other things, to add a virtual background and eliminate background noise.
All this for free. You don’t have to spend a single cent. However, you need an NVIDIA card from the GeForce 20, GeForce 30, GeForce 40 or TITAN RTX series.

Soon NVIDIA Broadcast users will be able to count on a new feature: maintaining eye contact.
Let’s take a practical example.
Imagine being in a video call, one of those where you are called to give a short speech.
You have therefore made a series of notes which you take a look at from time to time to make sure you remember everything and tell everything. To do this, however, you have to shift your gaze, thus losing virtual eye contact with your audience.
NVIDIA Broadcast can prevent that from happening. Like? With artificial intelligence that “corrects” the direction of the gaze, superimposing virtual, fake eyes on your eyes.
Sounds maybe a little creepy but the result is truly amazingthe result of months of training and research to be able to replicate different irises, different eye shapes with great accuracy and to be able to overcome the obstacle imposed by glasses.
The effect is incredible, although still perfectable.

We are curious to understand how many students will use it to pretend to be attentive during lessons, or how many employees will adopt it to be able to get distracted without the boss noticing during meetings.

NVIDIA Omniverse: A World of Possibilities

One word was enough to capture our attention: Pixar.
Rightly you wonder what binds the world’s most popular animation studio to NVIDIA software?
The connection is more trivial than expected: Omniverse, free 3D design software created by the American company, is based on USD (Universal Scene Description), a standard created by Pixar to encourage collaboration between artists and three-dimensional animation professionals.
We are therefore faced with a program that integrates within it a flood of tools based on artificial intelligence and that, above all, can digest files from other 3D design programs.

The practical example we witnessed really surprised us.
In a few minutes we went from a blank digital canvas to a scene that included asteroids – created in an instant with Omniverse -, a spaceship – imported from another program – and a background made of stars and gas created by specialized artists. The result is amazing.

Omniverse, which from now on will be pre-installed on NVIDIA Studio laptops, can now also count on thousands of free assets and onintegration with Blender. Then they come updates also for Audio2Face, Audio2Gesture and Audio2Emotion, all tools based on AI and very useful for 3D design. For example, with Audio2Face you can generate facial expressions starting from an audio file while with Audio2Gesture you create realistic upper body movements.

NVDIA RTX Remix: la piattaforma per i modder

From Omniverse is born NVIDIA RTX Remixa platform for video game modding.
Do you want to change the floor of your favorite game? You can.
Do you want to modernize the video game that obsessed you as a child? You can do that too.
Want to turn missiles into pink chairs? Just a few clicks.

Remix puts powerful, rather intuitive tools in your hands and lots of resources to indulge yourself with.
And if you’re skeptical, well, think about it Portal con RTX was created precisely with this software.