Big Event – ​​Photography market fair: in Milan with the big brands

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Big Event – ​​Photography Market Fair is about to arrive in Milan on 14 and 15 October as a great photography festival which also hosts the most important brands, including Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Nital

Big Event – ​​Photography Market Fair is the new initiative, conceived and organized by Fabio Prina and Giuseppe Ferraina, respectively responsible for FcF Forniture Cine Foto and Milano Sunday Photo and it looks like a great Photography Festival and will take place with the collaboration of Loredana De Pace / Studio CAOS as Culture & Communication Manager.

After last year’s Milano Sunday Photo, also proposed in Milan with its first edition, this is a revolution that expands its audience and also its partners and guests. They want to put together not only all the souls of photography, leading companies, professionals, professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs, but also the general public, offering another perspective: people of all ages who increasingly feel like protagonists of the world of contemporary images, but who often rely on their smartphone and have never had to deal with a real camera.

Big Event – ​​Photography market fair: in Milan with the big brands

Two intense days open to all in which the public will be able to experience first-hand the latest innovations in the field of imaging and the most innovative technologymeet the great contemporary photographers up close and deal with some new authors who have already achieved excellent artistic ability but are not yet recognized at a national and international level, and who will put one of their photographic works on sale at a sustainable price.

All in a dynamic, underground atmosphere of celebration and joy, with excellent live music and, in the external parts of the location chosen for the Big Event, with some main street food proposals, so as to attract even the merely curious, who have not their main interest is photography, but they love and recognize the magic of photography and would like to know more.

Precisely with a broad audience in mind, The Big Event offers first of all the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the sector proposed by the main photographic technology brands: Sony, Canon, Videndum (Manfrotto, Joby, Gitzo, Lowepro, Avenger, Lastolite, Syrp), Nital (Nikon, DJI, Lexar, Polaroid), Fujifilm (Instax), Attiva (Eizo, Wacom, Lacie), Polyphoto (Om System). , Tamron, Angel Bird, Asphot Pro (Godox, Saramonic, Delkin Device, Dorr), FF Distribution (Tamrac, Rollei), Renowa (Tokina, Tenba, Hoya, Benro, Nissin, 7Artisan, TTartisan), TFS Group (Nanlite, Sirui, Kase, Fowa (Panasonic, Hasselblad, Samyang, Zeiss, Kodak), Image Consult (Laowa Venus Optics, Kaiser, Hensel, Billingam, Tethertools, Omnicharge), Aedi Jewels, Canon Photographic printing systemsPolaroid, Insta360, Fujifilm instax.

Big Event – ​​Photography market fair: in Milan with the big brands

Here is the info to participate in the Big Event:

Flight Workshops
Via Mecenate 76/5, Milan
Hours: 9.30am – 7.00pm
Entrance fee: Full price €9 | Reduced €7