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Qualcomm Snapdragon X, the new PC chips that challenge Apple

Qualcomm Technologies announced the series Snapdragon X, a series of computing platforms destined to redefine the future of PCs. While most details will come at the Snapdragon Summit in Maui in late October, the company has shared some details about the new platform, based on CPU Oryon next generation.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X, the new PC chips that challenge Apple

A few years ago, Qualcomm presented the Snapdragon 8cx platform. The company helped bring 5G to PCs, introduced the first dedicated AI NPU in a laptop, and improved performance per watt. But now, with the series Snapdragon X, Qualcomm promises to raise the bar further. Aim to offer superior performance, advanced artificial intelligence, superior connectivity and exceptional battery life.

The Snapdragon X series chips will leverage Qualcomm’s expertise in designing heterogeneous computing architectures, combining CPU, GPU e NPU. The CPU Qualcomm Oryon will be at the heart of this revolution, offering notable improvements in performance and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the NPU will ensure cutting-edge user experiences, in line with the era of generative artificial intelligence.

The name “Snapdragon X” clearly distinguishes PC platforms from other Snapdragon product categories. And Qualcomm also promises a premium brand design. Additionally, along with this new naming, the Snapdragon X series will feature a new visual design system. This system will be based on a new platform logo and badge. All details that we will know with the launch of the first Snapdragon X platform during the Snapdragon Summit 2023.

The Snapdragon X series represents the latest frontier of Qualcomm innovation: we will keep you updated on all the news.

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