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Big Eyes Coin, the new meme cryptocurrency

After cryptocurrency meme based on a dog, comes the one for cat lovers: Big Eyes Coinwhich promises earnings up to 100 times higher than those of Dogecoin. But given the difficult time for the crypto market, is it worth investing?

Big Eyes Coin, the new meme cryptocurrency for cat lovers

Recently “Cat’s Eyes” is not only an 80s anime series about three thieving sisters, but also a cryptocurrency for those who want to invest in this market. With the potential for a hundredfold earnings compared to Dogecoinaccording to the proponents of the coin.

At the moment the currency is still in the phase of “pre-sale“, With sales starting when there is enough attention around the project. But these crypto kittens promise to multiply investments by believing in cryptocurrency with the sail BIG”(Which is another 1980s reference to the Tom Hanks movie?).

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Proponents of this new currency think that the decentralized finance system (DeFi) that will hold the currency could be worth it up to $ 100 million. And it would be a “community” system, with the users who buy the currency who will be able to decide whether to collect or burn the proceeds from the sale of NFT to balance the value of the coin.

And having chosen the big eyes of a feline as a symbol, the possible NFTs derived from BIG’s merchandise could attract the interest of many. So much so that in the cryptocurrency plans there are regular give-aways to created NFT users and token rewards. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency appears to be intent on supporting beneficial projects for ocean flora and fauna, a value that the community behind this coin shares.

At the moment it is difficult to understand what value this coin can take and what implications there will be for the entire crypto market. Never coins of cats will soon keep company with those with Shiba Inu dogs in the crypto wallets of many users.

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