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Samsung Gaming Hub, the new monitors for streaming gaming

Samsung revealed three new monitors a Gamescomall with the ability to stream even without connecting to a PC: with Samsung Gaming Hub you can access GeForce NOW, Stadia e Xbox Game Pass. The new ones Odyssey Ark, Odyssey G70B e G65B make online gaming even easier.

Samsung brings the Gaming Hub to new streaming monitors

At Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Samsung wanted to amaze all players with the new Odyssey Ark. A 55-inch curved monitor that takes immersion in your favorite games to a whole other level. With several intelligent features and very high video quality, which you can find even in the most ‘normal’ Odyssey G70B e G65B. Which are also designed for competitive gaming, with exceptional performance.

But the big news announced by the Korean giant can be enjoyed even without connecting the monitors to the PC. Indeed monitors have Samsung Gaming Hub, the novelty announced this year also for Samsung TVs.

odyssey ark tech princess

These are the first Samsung monitors to have this novelty, which allows you to use Stadia, GeForce NOW e Xbox Game Pass. This way you can play directly from the monitor, just an internet connection.

On top of that, there are interesting news across the board. In fact they will also have the Samsung Smart Platform, another function that works without connecting to a computer. And both of these features also work with voice commands, using Bixby o Amazon Alexa.

You can also enable the activation of the “always-on” voice control, leaving the monitor microphones turned on. All features that we don’t usually find in gaming monitors, but that could change the way we play.

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