Le Big Tech dovrebbero contribuire ai costi della rete Internet: la proposta arriva all'UE thumbnail

Big Techs should contribute to the costs of the Internet

Big Techs should be obliged to contribute to the costs of upgrading the network infrastructure. Companies like Alphabetwhich controls Google, Netflixwith its streaming platform, and Metawith Facebook and Instagram, must make a contribution to updating the network as their services they represent 55% of all traffic. The proposal came to the European Commission and Italy, France and Spain who submitted a joint paper on the matter.

Big Tech should bear the costs of the Internet according to Italy, Spain and France

As confirmed by a Reuters report, the three European countries have submitted a proposal to the European Commission to initiate an intervention against the Big Tech which generate a considerable portion of Internet traffic on the European network, generating specific costs for operators who are already committed to considerable investments for the 5G and optical fiber FTTH.

The goal could be to get to the disbursement of an annual contribution to the development of the network. According to a study by the Ethno telecommunications lobby, in fact, with a annual contribution of 20 billion euros from Big Techthe European economy could get a boost of over 70 billion euros.

The contribution of the giants of the web, however. could undermine the rules of net neutrality. A proposal of this kind, therefore, would find several difficulties in its application.

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