Così Apple convince gli utenti Android a passare ad iOS thumbnail

So Apple convinces Android users to switch to iOS

So Apple convinces Android users to switch to iOS thumbnail

The competition continues between iOS e Android, also fueled by the activities of Apple – especially now that the expectation for the release of the iPhone 14 is already very high -. Indeed, in view of the launch of the new series of smartphones, the Cupertino company has seen fit to try to convince Android users to switch to its operating system. How? With a video shared on the official YouTube channel – typically used for Keynote announcements -, in which it answers all the questions that users who want to buy an iPhone for the first time ask themselves.

From Android to iOS: Apple illustrates all the benefits to new users

As you can see in the video above, according to Apple, there are seven questions a user who wants to switch from Android to iOS asks himself. “If I switch to the iPhone, will it be easy to transfer my contacts, photos and messages?”. “Can I trade in my Android smartphone?”. “Will it hold up over time? Will it be reliable? Will it receive the latest updates? “. “How will my personal information be protected? Will I get support from Apple? “. In short, rather precise questions, which concern not only the modalities of transfer of user databut also a possible comparison between the two operating systems, with a particular focus on updates – a difficult problem for Android users -.

If you’re wondering what Apple’s video is really for, the answer is simple: get as many users as possible to buy an iPhone 14 series model, which the company may be introducing later this year. From what we know, there will be four smartphones that will arrive on the market: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max. Max models will all have a 6.7 inch display, while the standard ones will be limited to a 6.1-inch screen. The Pro series will also have a number of additional improvements. In short, many valid reasons to switch from Android to iOS.

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