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Bigscreen launches Beyond, the world’s smallest VR headset

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Bigscreen announced its personal VR headset, Beyondwhich also records a respectable record: it is the viewer for augmented reality smallest in the world.

Bigscreen Beyond

The announcement was made directly by the company on Twitter in yesterday’s day. Beyond, which is confirmed to be the smallest in the world, weighs approx 127 grams and is 100% ergonomic.

Indeed, for each customer who wants to buy it, the company asks to send a series of facial scans to fit Beyond to the user’s face. In addition the VR is equipped with display MicroOLED with advanced pancake optics, thus offering a resolution of 5120×2560 pixels and refresh-rate up to 90Hz.

The field of view is 90° x 93°, while the audio is stereo. Beyond also features proximity sensor e a usb port. As for SteamVR monitoring, the latter is directly integrated into the device.

However, the viewer has some shortcomings. For example it will not be possible to use it with glasses or contact lenses. For that you will necessarily need to equip Beyond with custom lenseswhich will have to be purchased separately. Furthermore, with its being built on the basis of the user’s facial structure, it will be difficult to adapt it to other faces, even if the company will still provide it with extra bearings to make it usable – albeit with limits – even for friends and family.

The starting price is 999 dollarie with $99 extra you can also grab an additional strap. Pre-orders are currently open on Bigscreen’s official website, while deliveries are expected to start from the third quarter of 2023.

Surely, due to its characteristics, this VR viewer will be one of the most anticipated of the year and could give a hard time to the already experienced Meta Quest of Meta. But there could also be the first branded viewer to keep him company Apple.

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