Stop petrol and diesel cars in the EU: there is the definitive ok •

Stop alle auto benzina e diesel in UE: c'è l'ok definitivo thumbnail

Just over 6 months after the first vote, theok to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the EU. The stop will be active starting from dal 2035. In about 12 years, therefore, it will no longer be possible to buy a new car with an internal combustion engine. All cars will be zero emission.

Stop petrol and diesel cars in the EU: the final ok arrives from Parliament

The EU Parliament goes ahead with the decision of stop selling petrol and diesel cars in EU territories from 2035. The confirmation arrives in these hours, with the new vote of the Parliament which follows what was already decided last June.

Starting in 2035, therefore, it will not be possible to buy petrol, diesel or other thermal enginesthe. Hybrids will also be off the market. The only options for motorists will be electric cars which, therefore, will become a market reference.

It should be noted that the program provides for the achievement of intermediate objectives with the 55% reduction in emissions for cars to be achieved by 2030. Also since 2030 it will no longer be possible to support the sale of electric cars using government incentives. The sector will have to be able to stand on its own.

For Italy it will be a real revolution, with an entire production chain to be rebuilt. More details will come in the coming months.

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