Bikeflip, the bicycle marketplace based on the circular economy

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The buying and selling of bicycles online becomes easier thanks to Bikeflipa marketplace founded by professional athletes such as Fabio Wibmer, Andrea Maranelli and his fellow student Nicholas Holder. This platform wants to offer an environment Safe ed efficient to buy or sell bicycles of all types and prices.

Bikeflip, the European marketplace for bicycles

Recently launched, Bikeflip is aimed at cycling and cycle touring enthusiasts by offering a wide range of bicycles, from the most luxurious with high prices up to more accessible models and used bicycles. It is based on the concepts of reuse ed circular economy. The portal has brought together in a single space the interest in bicycles and the environment, enhancing the purchase and sale of second hand bicycles.

The functioning of Bikeflip is simple. Anyone who wants to sell their bicycle can create a detailed announcement with images and necessary information to best present the product. Once you find a buyer, Bikeflip will send the user a patented packaging, with detailed instructions for packing the bicycle. And then manages the shipping. The buyer has 48 hours to assemble and test the bicycle received. At the end of this period, in the absence of disputes, Bikeflip transfers the money, retaining a percentage for the service rendered.

Una startup green

The innovative startup, born in Innsbruckchose to settle in Rovereto at Manufacturing Projectthe green-tech incubator of Trentino Development. The portal, active in Austria and Germanyquickly reached a catalog of 10,000 bicycles available. Now, it aims to expand further and penetrate other European markets. To support this ambitious goal, Bikeflip has received an investment pre-seed of 1 million euroscon Trentino Invest which contributed 200,000 euros.

Andrea Maranellia former multi-medalist athlete in the trial, explained that he met Fabio Wibmer at the University of Innsbruck, starting a collaboration that led to the creation of Bikeflip. Both professional athleteswanted to create something personal beyond their involvement in social media videos and cycling brands.

This initiative attracted a loan of 970,000 euroshighlighting the potential and growth promise of this new venture. Trentino Invest showed their support. Andrea Maranelli e Fabio Wibmerin addition to the management of Bikeflipcontinue to cultivate their passion for trials and mountain biking, participating in exhibitions and events.

Those who share their passion can find the right bike on Bikeflip at this address.

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