Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

Torino-Atalanta: dove vedere la partita?

Chapter 5, Season 1: the first season of the new era of Fortnite introduces new features like never before, let’s dissect them all in a guide

“Oh shit, Lois,” Fortnite has changed the cards on the table again: the Chapter 5 is here, and already from the current season (Season 1) the desire to suffocate us with the sound of novelty it’s a lot. There is no shortage of the usual suspects: weapons, skins, vehicles and, since these are chapters, a map. But apart from that? There are some minor changes, as well as some bigger ones. We talk about modes, gameplay mechanics, mobility options, locker, quality-of-life improvements and much, much more. We’ll take our time, so make yourself comfortable while you get ready get off on a whole new island.

New map | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

Let’s start with the obvious: the first novelty of Season 1, as you can imagine since it is Chapter 5, is the Fortnite map itself. The island you’ll dive onto from the Battle Bus involves plenty of “firsts,” such as a train to clandestinely board when you need a ride. Likewise, needless to say, the points of interest are completely new. Apart from a bit of alliteration in the names of the various areas (Gran Glacier, Rotaie Rischiose, Scalini Socchiosi and similar), be prepared to changes everywhere, because to “color” it all you will need several batches. We will try to expand the discussion in a specific guide as soon as possible. Be careful of storm: from our first games we understood what it looks like be in more of a hurry than usual!

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New weapons | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

Tremate, tremate, the weapons have changed. For the most part, the weapon categories have remained the same, but this does not mean there is a lack of new entries. In these parts we were particularly impressed by the Ballistic Shield, but for the already known branches we have new variations. This therefore includes new assault rifles, new submachine guns, new rifles and more. Leaving aside the grappling hook with which to move easily around the map, in vault (protected by a boss each, as always) the benches modto invest yours ingots in weapon customization. From the charger to everything else.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New Battle Pass | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

Okay, how many skins do we take home for the usual fixed fee? The Pass Battaglia is here to give your question the usual answers. We will gloss over, for the sake of brevity, collection tools, trails, gliders, weapon covers, loading screens, decorative backs and emotes, in favor of the real protagonists. The starting skin for Pass buyers is the blue-haired bad girl, Hope. Following Oscarprobable realistic counterpart of Miaoscolo, is the tiger-man of Page 3. Completing the fifth will reward you with Vengeful Jones, Jonesy’s latest variant. The fencer Nisha is the reward for page 7, while the stylish dude Montague concludes the 9. The flaming one Valeria it is the level 100 skin. Before her, as a guest, there is Peter Griffin from Family Guy (always at the center of rumors and alleged leaks), while the secret skin expected in 50 days is none other than Solid Snake da Metal Gear Solid!

New… cars? | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

Well yes, in addition to there being additional vehicles in the games (including an SUV and even a Lamborghini) the auto they are a new type of cosmetic rewards. Starting today, you can customize the game’s sports car in thelocker exactly as happens with skins, decorative backs and so on. If then your Fortnite accounts and Rocket League are connected, you can also get the Octane and other vehicles from the title of Psyonix. Provided you have such cars unlocked in the aforementioned game, of course. What else? Ah, yes: the unlocking of some vehicles in the Battle Pass, vice versawill lead to their obtaining in Rocket League.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New… joints | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

The writing of the article leaves 4 days until the arrival of the modality, but LEGO Fortnite it is perhaps one of the biggest innovations planned for the Epic Games giant. Taking inspiration from LEGO Worlds and (yes, yes) Minecraft, this free mode will exist as a third pillar alongside battle royale and Creative. Epic and LEGO announced this mode together, as the first step towards a true metaverse for all ages. Yes, it will be an item shop aside from the mode. But if you’ve built a good locker over the years, it’s very likely that the minifig version of your skin is already at your disposal. The best part? This mode also brings with it experience points for the Battle Passconsiderably streamlining the grinding you will have to do!

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New races | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

In reality, “third pillar” is not a correct expression, because there will be three new methods. In fact, the arrival of is expected in 5 days Rocket Racing, aiming for the Mario Kart crown while combining elements of Fortnite and, of course, Rocket League vehicles. It therefore goes without saying that the customization of vehicles will come into its own especially here, and like LEGO Fortnite this branch of the game will also be worth you very precious experience points. Appointment, in this sense, for theDecember 8. What is the other mode? Surely it won’t be anything special, developed internally by Epic, right?

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New sounds | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

In fact we were all wondering what happened to him Harmonix, In this area. Turns out the legendary development team behind Rock Band was hard at work on it Fortnite Festival, expected in 6 days instead. It is basically a “co-op social game where you can create music”, aiming to give new life to the genre of music games with the help of Fortnite characters. And, obviously, with a good tracklist thanks to the licenses present in the game. Yes, this mode also includes experience points for the Battle Pass. The launch, scheduled for December 9thwill include an event featuring The Weeknd.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New bosses | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

After a (very) relatively quiet season, the boss on the map. Depending on where you land, you will find them waiting for you Oscar, Nisha, Montague, Valeria and even the most “punchable” face in the animation, the degenerate father Peter Griffin. By giving the welcome to each of them you will get a Society Medallion, which will give you a bonus to regenerating shields. Stop. Did you expect a penalty? Um… technically there would be one, but if you’re a real veteran you’ll have no problem living with it a circle around the area you are in on the map, True? If you survived the bounties, you will survive this one too. Except that the Medallion makes your area visible as long as you have ittherefore…

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New quality-of-life changes | Fortnite: Chapter 5, Season 1, all the news

Let’s move on to the more pleasant things, shall we? Aside from the improved animations that will surely interest the graphics sommeliers among you, healing tools can finally be consumed on the go. The bad news is that, to balance this (huge) advantage compared to previous seasons, a treatment that has started can no longer be interrupted (although the increase in shields and health is now gradual, instead of the immediate 100% of a medikit after those 10 interminable seconds in previous seasons). In the same way, bring a downed or eliminated comrade back to life carries minor penalties if you have to interrupt the process: simply, the timer will turn around instead of completely resetting.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

New assignments: daily… but not too much

You will have noticed, among the new features of Season 1 of this new Chapter 5, that Fortnite daily tasks are no more. In their place, there is the new concept of Match Assignments. At the start of each match, you will have the option to choose between three tasks. The good news? There are no longer meaningless missions, in which you visit two places very far from each other, forcing you to play multiple games to do all three. The bad news… is that it’s about missions that expire at the end of the game. That’s right: Epic has found a way to force us to play more games for the usual three tasks of the day. Um… chapeau?

Fortnite: Chapter 5, guide to all the news of season 1!

Now it’s up to you to tell us your opinion: what else did you expect from the new season? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and beyond. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.