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Bing Chat arrives in SwiftKey Digital Keyboard Beta

Bing Chat arrives in SwiftKey digital keyboard Beta thumbnail

Microsoft continues to bring the artificial intelligence of Bing Chat in each of its products, including digital keyboards: it debuts on SwiftKey Beta. The development version of the keyboard uses AI to change the tone of what you type according to the occasion: it can be professional, informal, polite and sociable.

Bing Chat Debuts on SwiftKey Beta Digital Keyboard

After bringing it to Skype and the Edge browser, both on desktop and mobile, Microsoft has announced the Copilot features that they also take advantage of Bing Chat in Office apps. But few expected it to arrive in a successful software for Android: the SwiftKey digital keyboard, in Beta version.

The Bing integration becomes significant for the keyboard, giving the possibility to chat in a different way. By connecting to the internet, it uses the potential of Bing Chat to change the tone of sentences.

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Microsoft offers an example of how Bing might prompt a colleague to fix a report for the company:

  • Professional: Please correct your report without delay.
  • Informal: Hey, can you fix the relationship right now?
  • Gentile: Could you correct the report immediately?
  • Sociable: Please fix the report ASAP!

Second Reza’s stone, CTO of Microsoft’s Mobile and Commerce Division, the Bing-powered beta version of SwiftKey will now gradually roll out to customers. You can download SwiftKey Beta from the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, for now, there is no information on how iOS users can participate in the tests. If you have an iPhone, you’ll have to tell your colleagues to hurry up on their own.

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