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Review Yu-Gi-Oh! – Dark Magician Girl Figure

In this review we will analyze the Dark Magician Girl figure coming directly from Yu-Gi-Oh! and created by AbyStyle Studio

Born as a manga created by the mind of Kazuki Takahash, Yu-Gi-Oh! has become over the years one of the strongest and best-known franchises in the world of trading cards. And we born in the 90s know well what impact this brand has had, which was, together with others, a brand that accompanied our childhood and adolescence. The first series of the anime with Yugi Mutō, then, is undoubtedly iconic. Who among us has never dreamed of composing “Exodia the Forbidden” to destroy their opponents?

One of the most iconic cards is definitely that of Dark Magician Girl (or Black Magician Girl in Italian). The main reason for its fame certainly lies in its somewhat provocative aesthetics. Well, our friends of AbyStyle Studio have also made a figure for this character from Yu-Gi-Oh! and we at are ready to review it!

The Box – Yu-Gi-Oh! Review, Dark Magician Girl Figure

As usual, the packaging features a huge window on the front which will show us the floating Sorceress. Then characterized by the colors of his outfit, the various sides of the box will host artwork and images of the figure. Of course, there are also wordings, logos and the stamp of originality. This is the figure number 47 produced by the company.

In the package, in addition to the figures, we will find one display base necessary to support our sorceress in flight.

Let’s analyze the figure – Review Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dark Magician Girl Figure

And this too, like the previous SFCs, is made in scala 1:10. Figure alone, without display base, measures 18cm from boots to tip of hat. Given the pose in flight, however, it will not be possible to keep her standing without support. Soaring into flight, the statuette reaches i 19.8 cm, becoming one of the tallest figures in the AbyStyle Studio collection. The prop emulates the magic circle behind the Dark Magician Girl in the original card. This enjoys a diameter of 9.4cm and is taller at the back than the front.

From the base to the figure itself, everything is made of PVC. We have many softer sections, especially on the fluttering parts of the clothing. The figurine boasts a total weight of 110g including support.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Review Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dark Magician Girl Figure

We liked this figure from almost every point of view. First of all, the pose in which the Dark Magician Girl is mirrored is not particularly provocative as in other figurines. This gives it a certain elegance without making it lose, however, that degree of charm that characterizes it. We certainly appreciated the sculpt, precise and detailed both in the garments and in the body of the sorceress.

The painting here has a greater differentiation with gold details, the red stone on the chest and the translucent section on the base to make it simulate flight. The painting is precise eeven if in the most minute details a little shrewdness is lost, the general yield is excellent. As always, we complain about missing shading and gradients which could undoubtedly make the difference in a figure sold at this price. Such a pity.

Let’s sum up

The Dark Magician Girl figure produced by AbyStyle Studio under official KONAMI license and convinced us. As we have already said in the previous reviews, the company is making big steps forward in its productions and we expect that, sooner or later, it will introduce more details into the painting, even on the condition that its figures are sold at a slightly higher price .

As with all the figures of the brand, this one too can be purchased on the official website at a price of €36.99.

Plus points

  • Well done sculpt
  • Faithful colours
  • Numerous details
  • Very successful pose
  • Beautiful display base
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