Il chatbot di Bing arriva su iOS e Android, debutta anche su Skype thumbnail

Bing Chat gets updated: the latest news from Microsoft’s AI chatbot

With the latest Bing Chat update, Microsoft’s GPT-4-based AI chatbot becomes more and more integrated into Microsoft products, both on PCs and mobile devices.

Among the latest innovations introduced with the recent update we find the possibility of receive replies with images and videos. Also, the function of has been added chat history, which allows you to resume previous conversations. This option is already available on both mobile and desktop. It will soon be possible continue a conversation started on the phone on the PCor vice versa.

Also added integration with Skype group chats, while it hasn’t arrived for Microsoft Teams yet.

Bing Chat on mobile: Widget and SwiftKey integration arrive

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As for the mobile version, available via app, Microsoft has created a new widget and improved the integrations with SwiftKey.

The Bing Chat widget, which coming soon for iOS and Android, it will allow you to immediately start a chat or ask a question using just your voice. As for the tastiera SwiftKeyit now includes a button to activate Bing Chat.

Finally from the Edge app for mobile you can activate Compose, the Microsoft Ai tool that generates text according to various needs (articles, emails, service communications). Compose, already active on the desktop version, arrives on mobile with two new tones of voice: Funny and Witty.

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