Buone notizie per i boomer: ora è possibile commentare i post Instagram con le GIF thumbnail

Good news for boomers: You can comment on Instagram posts with GIFs

Adam Mosserichief manager of Instagramannounced today that it will be possible leave comments on posts with GIFs, just like it already does on Facebook. The feature, particularly appreciated by some Facebook users, has been far from Instagram for years, also because it is decidedly little appreciated by the younger audience.

Despite this, the announcement arrives today, so the comments section of the Instagram creators: tremble.

Instagram: GIF in the comments section and automatic captions in the Reels

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Until now, GIFs on Instagram have been the exclusive preserve of stories. Today however, with the introduction in the comments, a small revolution begins for Meta’s photographic social network. The GIFs will be, as for the stories, those contained in the huge Giphy catalog. Mosseri also stated that Instagram is testing the automatic texts in the Reels. The feature appears to be based on the auto-caption sticker introduced by Meta in 2021.

Judging by what Mosseri described, a timeline at the bottom of the interface will allow the user to properly sync captions with videos, especially useful for automatically creating subtitles in spoken videos.

Meanwhile, just in recent days, SIAE and Meta have reached a provisional agreement that will bring Italian music back to Facebook and Instagram.

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