Bioshock: the film is coming and it’s almost time for release

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We have very important updates on one of the community’s most loved games, Bioshock: the film is coming and it seems that the release is very close

Fans of the video game saga produced by 2K Gamesthey will jump for joy when they read this news. In fact, it seems to be the case the Bioshock film is coming soon and we have important news on the making of the film adaptation. Although it may seem like work is going slowly, the film will arrive sooner than expected. The film’s screenwriter talks about it Michael Green. Even the director, Francis Lawrence had noted some details related to the film. Netflix had announced the video game adaptation in February 2022, but work slowed down due to the Screenwriters’ strike.

Bioshock: the film is coming and it's almost time for release

The Bioshock movie is nearing completion: back to Rapture!

Now that the writers’ and actors’ strike is over, we can get back to work. The screenwriter of Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and the most recent Murder in Venicespoke about the current state of work on the Netflix product in question:

You have to measure your words carefully here, I have a crosshair pointed at my forehead. They’re excited, we all are. As soon as the strike ended they immediately asked me what stage the script was at. I had many meetings with Franci to work on the draft of the film. We are all optimistic, we love the project. This is a monstrous, huge world and we want to see it real. We hope to be able to give you an update soon.

The film therefore seems very promising, as the screenwriter said, they themselves are video game loversso one might expect that the final result would satisfy the requirements of fans of the video game saga.

Bioshock: the film is coming and it's almost time for release

The story of Bioshock, a fascinating and visionary world

For those who don’t know the saga, there is one game first person shooterwhere the protagonist delves into a new civilization created by Andrew Ryan, who can be called a philosopher with the idea of ​​creating a society that is not controlled by the government and “petty morality”. This idea led to the development of new arts and sciences, including the discovery of the ADAM project: a mutagen that changes human genes, giving them incredible powers. The protagonist is a man named Jack, who survived a plane crash landingwhich delves into the hidden civilization Rapture, led by Atlaswhich will help him survive the creatures he encounters.

The game has three chapters, a fourth is in development, this is enough to demonstrate the success of the saga. That’s why we’re all excited about the film, it’s going to be very important for the community. We at invite you to follow us so as not to miss updates on the film and much more from the world of cinema and TV series.

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