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BIOSTAR: here is the presentation of the three best motherboards

BIOSTAR for 2022 presents the three best Intel motherboards, here is the SILVER series, let’s discover them together in this article

BIOSTARa leading brand in the production of motherboards, graphics cards and storage devices, today presents its best Intel motherboardssuitable for the creation of game content and for casual use in the 2022.

BIOSTAR and Intel are an unbreakable partnership that has thrived over the years, offering highly efficient motherboard and processor combinations that perform well in any usage scenario. We present the best Intel motherboards from 12th generation for gaming, content creation and occasional content consumption from the popular series 600-SILVER.

Robust and resistantseries motherboards SILVER, they offer the best value for your money on the market. Built to provide users with a feature-rich platform to assemble their dream systems, series motherboards 600 of BIOSTAR bring strong durability and cutting-edge performance to the user’s desktop.

Derived from the range of motherboards RACINGSILVER series motherboards are available in variants Intel e AMDdesigned to suit all use cases.

Z690A-SILVER motherboard

To start the list, the motherboard Z690A-SILVER, is the perfect choice for high performance gaming systems. Designed with an efficient design a 18 stages power supply, combining the latest features such as PCIe 5.0support WiFi 6E and reliable storage technology PCIe M.2 4.0 With low latency, the new Z690A-SILVER motherboard can carry any gaming rig in style.

In combination with Intel’s 12th generationexcels at games AAA single/multiplayer, in streaming and PCVR gaming experiences. Plus, its form factor ATX allows you to design space for a plethora of expansion slots, making it highly scalable for future needs.

Here is the B660M-SILVER

Considered as the “Jack of all trades“, The motherboard B660M-SILVER (micro-ATX) offers top-notch performance at a fraction of the price. Excellent for casual gaming, content creation and everyday workstations, it delivers unmatched performance over the competition.

With classic SILVER series DNA, the B660M-SILVER presents the features RGB Rock Zone, popular with fans, for optimal user customization. Intel Core processors i5 12th generation are the chips preferred by users of the B660M-SILVER motherboard, mainly due to their extraordinary ratio cost / performance.

With support for up to 4 slot DIMM with DDR4 5000+ RAM(OC) and features such as PCIe 5.0 powered by power supply design a 12 stagesthe motherboard is built to suit all use cases.

We conclude with the B660T- SILVER mini ITX motherboard

Finally, the motherboard B660T- SILVER mini ITX it is the best choice for small format constructions. Extremely popular and trendy, the constructions Mini ITX they are elegant, refined and not bulky. Designed for users who seek efficiency above all else, the new motherboard offers users stable power and performance in a compact form factor.

Equipped with high-level specs such as PCIe 5.0, PCIe M.2 4.0 e WiFi 6E, delivers world-class performance for gamers, content creators, and home and business workstation setups. Equipped with the latest chipset Intel Alder Lake B660 and designed with a power supply design 9 stages which provides highly stable power to all its components thanks to technology DIGITAL PWMthe new B660T-SILVER motherboard leaves all the competition in the dust.

When used in conjunction with the latest Intel’s 12Th gen and any latest generation graphics card installed in the slot PCIe 5.0 16xthe B660T-SILVER behaves like an awakened beast, releasing maximum performance from its components with mind-boggling consistency.

In conclusion, BIOSTAR’s latest range of 600- SILVER series motherboards are robust and able to satisfy a wide range of users, as well as extremely adept at extracting maximum performance from Intel 12th generation processors. With multiple choices for form factor and price range, they’re a must-have for a new PC.

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