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LG Artcool Color, the elegant air conditioner

LG Electronics announces the new line of LG Artcool Color air conditioners, which with their beige color promise great elegance as well as excellent cooling and air purification capabilities. A product that adapts to any room in the house.

LG Artcool Color, efficient and elegant air conditioner

The new Artcool Colors are available both in configuration mono and multi split (9000 e 12000 Btu). They offer great antibacterial and anti-allergy functionality, like all of LG’s residential range. With filtration system AirCare Complete System they help keep the air fresh and clean, ensuring it’s healthy.

In fact it has a Pre-Filter which traps the dust particles, and then function Auto Cleaning which reduces humidity to avoid mold and bacteria. Furthermore the UVnano technology eliminates 99.99% of microorganisms through UV LED light and ionizer Plasmaster, which removes pollutants and bad. Finally, there is also theAllergy Filter, BAF certified by AllergyUK for allergy prevention.

The compressor LG DUAL Inverter has a fast up to 120Hz, for reduce the time it takes to cool the room by 40%. And by maintaining the temperature, it consumes up to 70% less than traditional air conditioners. Guaranteed up to 10 years, it has very low vibrations for total silence.

With the app LG ThinQ and compatibility with both Google Assistant that Amazon Alexa you can also remotely control the home temperature in a simple way. And the Smart Diagnosis tool sends notifications if there are technical problems. This way you cannot intervene before there are problems, ensuring continuous operation of the air conditioner.

You can find more information here.

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