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Bitdefender publishes a new report on cybersecurity and online behavior

Bitdefender has released the 2021 Global Report Bitdefender: cybersecurity and online behaviors. This report reveals how consumers behave on the most popular platforms, applications and devices when it comes to cybersecurity issues. According to the survey results, there is a lack of basic practices for data security, identity protection and information sharing. The rise in online threats and cybercrime, therefore, has not particularly affected consumers.

The results of the Bitdefender report

The new Bitdefender cybersecurity report highlights some incorrect user behavior. In particular, in Italy, users have an average of 8 accounts on online platforms with WhatsApp and Facebook which are the most visited platforms.

It should be noted that among the most popular sites we find eBay. Furthermore, consumers they regularly use multiple devices and only 16% use a work device to access their accounts. The most used device is the mobile phone with the Android operating system.

For account management, Bitdefender report reveals, more than half of Italians do not use a dedicated program and do not share their data with anyone. According to the data, over the past 12 months, half of the respondents came into contact with at least one threat. These threats are mostly scam messages / calls on mobile phones (28%) and phishing attempts (23%).

In order to read the complete report, you can consult the Bitdefender site.

The company comment

Bogdan Botezatu, Director, threat research and reporting di Bitdefender, comments: “Cybercriminals are continually exploring new ways to exploit human weaknesses to steal sensitive data, extort money or find an entry point to settle into systems. By understanding daily cybersecurity practices, we can better assess potential risks and vulnerabilities to educate consumers on ways to more effectively protect themselves, such as how to use prevention solutions, detection and digital identity protection technologies to prevent that the attacks are successful “.

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