Disney House: postponed the release for Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, Black Panter 2 and Indiana Jones 5

The international production company Disney, has reset the release schedule of its films: Indiana Jones 5, Doctor Strange 2, Thor love and Thunder, and Black Panter 2

Production house Disney, for movies Marvel e Lucasfilm announce a re-submission for films, Indiana Jones 5 (ending June 2023), Doctor Strange 2, Thor love and Thunder, e Black Panter Wakanda Forever 2 they are postponed for a few months.

Among the films mentioned, the most penalized is certainly the Indiana Jones 5 film, which is put back in the corner for the fourth consecutive time of its process, just since it was announced in the first 2016. Now put on hold at the June 30, 2023.

Of course, the release dates for the Indiana Jones 5 film were not the only tasks involved in the processing of the project, let’s remember that Harrison Ford’s injury was also slowing down the shooting, even if this then seemed to have been resolved in four and four from production.

In fact, production restarted at a great pace and at a good pace. With also some shots recently made in Italy, to be exact in Sicily, where some of these scenes have amused Jones himself a lot.

Casa Marvel: Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, Black Panter 2

Disney House: postponed the release for Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, Black Panter 2 and Indiana Jones 5

For movies Marvel Cinematic Universe it went partially better, because the postponement of the films is less distant from the first announced date. That is: from two to five months.

The first in the ranking is Doctor Strange 2, In the Multiverse of Madness which runs from March to June 2022. Later we talk about Thor: Love and Thunder from May to July. Following Black Panther Wakanda Forever from July to November. The Marvels from November to February 2023, and again Ant-Man and the Waps: Quantumania, from February to July 2023.

In all of this, let’s psychoanalyze the press release shared by Variety magazine, where it is announced that four features not yet revealed to the public, put on the list in 2023, have been removed entirely from the release list.

These films were: a real-life Disney, two Marvels and a 20th Century Studios.

But the real question is: are these projects canceled altogether or will we find them on the Disney + stream?

What do you think of it? What is your favorite super hero? And which movie are you waiting to see more of? As usual, your opinion is important to us. Let us know everything in the comments.

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