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Black Desert Online: here are the new skills of the Corsair

The Corsair class, the pirate-siren from Black Desert Online received a number of new abilities as part of today’s Awakening update. Corsair players can try out a brand new outfit and go into battle using the all-new Patraca harpoon-style weapon, eliminating enemies in style with fresh upgrade class skills.

Black Desert Online: here are the new skills of the Corsair

The Corsair in Black Desert Online is the captain of the Slippery Scallywags, a band of friendly pirate otters who assist players in combat. Slippery Scallywags fire their cannons to help defeat enemies as users perform their powerful new skills.

Adventurers can also choose to use the class’s new special weapon, the Patraca, as a sword for hand-to-hand combat or as a harpoon pistol for ranged attacks.. Corsairs can easily take down enemies while surrounded by the fog that members of this class can summon. Even distant enemies are not safe, as it will be possible to pierce them with the harpoon from afar, dragging them into the fog and neutralizing them.

Here are the details on the new abilities awakened by the Corsairs:

  • Spare No Quarter: rather elegantly, it consists in throwing a rope in the air, using it to take a long leap to slice our enemies from above.
  • Sun-Splitter Patraca: With this move we will launch the rope towards the sun, remaining momentarily in midair, before firing the harpoon. Enemies hit will be neutralized by the mists.
  • Captain’s orders: Open fire!: give the signal to open fire. Following his orders, the Scallywag launch their ship’s huge anchor at the enemy.

On the occasion of the addition of these new skills to the class, a series of events will also be introduced in the game, to celebrate the start of the summer season.

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