Necrobarista: Final Pur lands on Nintendo Switch, here are trailers and images

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Necrobarist: Final Pour includes new modes and gameplay, a revamped map to explore, audio and visual improvements. We also take a look at the official trailer and the first images of the game for Nintendo Switch.

Comes Necrobarista: Final Pour: all the news of the title

Necrobarista, the stunning cinematic visual novel developed by Route 59 Games, is now available for Nintendo Switch. The announcement comes just today, as revealed in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, in which the name of the chapter was presented: Final For, in Italian Final payment. The title includes a renewed graphics with numerous new contents. These make up four hours of never-before-seen gameplay, new modes, original music and additional environments to explore.

In the new chapter of Necrobarista you will be able to venture into unknown places such as Sky Station and Soul Storage. In addition, with the Studio mode, you can create and modify scenes and settings, using the game’s graphics engine. Finally, the Ashling Doodle mode allows you to design, customize and enter new customers into the game.

Necrobarista: Final Pour also includes updates to the Walking to the Sky and Devil’s Den downloadable content, previously released via Steam and Apple Arcade.

Official trailer and gameplay screenshots

“When we first imagined Necrobarista, we never expected it would become a cult,” he said. Kevin Chen, lead designer, Route 59 Games. “We can’t wait to expand our fanbase now that the game is also available for Nintendo Switch and we hope that those who have been with us all along will enjoy this new chapter as well.”

Necrobarista is now available on Nintendo eShop at a price of € 17.99, discounted by an additional 15% for the launch period. The game is also available as part of the Apple Arcade subscription service and on PC via Steam and Final Pour will also soon be available on PC and Apple Arcade.

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