Black Desert Online è ora gratis su PC, ecco come riscattarlo thumbnail

Black Desert Online is now free on PC, here’s how to redeem it

Black Desert Online is now free on PC, here's how to redeem it thumbnail

Pearl Abyss e Steam make a great gift to gamers and all fans of MMORPG. For a limited time, Black Desert Online it will in fact be available free for all users Steam who can take advantage of this gift until April 13th. Let’s find out more about Black Desert Online and how to redeem it for free.

What is Black Desert?

As anticipated, Black Desert Online is a fun one MMORPG action immensely broad which offers a great variety of possibilities to the player. Elements Sandboxan engaging storyline, many side quests and many activities will keep you entertained for hours in this title with dark themes and fantasy settings.

The world of Black Desert is steeped in the mysterious Dark energy, a mystical element extremely powerful and desired by all. Due to his instability and the actions of a sect of wizards, his energy expanded out of control until it reached Goma Maru, an important port and trade center of the republics. This is where the your charactera villager of Olivia particularly akin to dark energy. After losing your memory you will find yourself in the company of an unnamed sprite who will accompany you in this epic adventure among the stories and legends that populate this world, and in the war between the republic of Calpheon and the reign of Valencia.

How to redeem Black Desert Online for free on steam

To redeem Black Desert Online for free, simply create an account on Steam, the digital video game platform (also free) and visit the game page. At that point, all you have to do is add the game to your account, which is currently 100% off, but hurry up!

Black Desert Online will be available for free until 7:00 pm on April 13th. Once redeemed, the game will be yours forever.

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