Black Shark BS-T1 review: headphones for mobile gaming

In this article we are going to see the review of the Black Shark BS-T1 headphones. Let’s find out these wireless headphones designed for mobile gaming

The world of bluetooth headphones is now saturated, but you can find really all kinds. Obviously a brand like Black Shark that became famous for its gaming smartphones could not fail to launch a pair of headphones suitable for this purpose.

Will the brand have managed to keep its name high in this field too? Let’s find out together in this review!

Black Shark BS-T1 review: headphones for mobile gaming

Data sheet

  • Transmission: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Commands: touch on the earphones
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Headphone autonomy: 3.5 hours with one charge
  • Autonomy Dock: 35 hours with one charge
  • Driver: 10 mm
  • Latency: 55 milliseconds
  • Other: 4 microphones, IPX4 certified

Packaging e design | Review Black Shark BS-T1

The package is very modest in size but still impactful. Despite the simplicity of the cardboard packaging, sio immediately denotes a certain refinement at first glance.

The small cardboard box with some screen printing that recalls the colors of the brand also boasts theThe classic embossed Black Shark logo.

Opening the package we find an expanded sponge to protect the charging case and the charging cable USB Type-C.

Under the cable we also find two sets of silicone ear adapters. These two pairs combined with those already installed on the headphones give life to the classic triptych of sizes that we now find in all headphones of this genre.

Obviously inside the dock we find ours Black Shark BS-T1.

The top of the lid is transparent and boasts three beautification LEDs. These three aesthetic-only LEDs are then complemented by two more present on the headphones.

The last points of illumination, qThis time they are useful not for aesthetic purposes but to signal the charging status, thanks to the transparency of the lid, they draw a kind of face.

The play of color is an end in itself but still very appreciable.

On the front of the dock we find the entrance for the charging cable.

Speaking of materials for both the headphones and the case we have nothing to report. No creaking whatsoever or anything like that.

Black Shark BS-T1 review: headphones for mobile gaming

Audio compartment and connections | Black Shark BS-T1 review

Let’s start with talking about the audio sector of these headphones devoted to gaming but not only.

As widely said previously, the Black Shark brand is devoted to gaming and has in fact launched, in the last period, a series of accessories that sometimes differ from the world of mobile gaming. A striking example can be found through our review of the Black Shark Mako M1 a gaming mouse for the PC.

Along with the mouse, the headphones we are reviewing have been launched. Obviously, when a brand is known for its quality, the same quality is expected across its entire range but unfortunately this is not always the case.

The headphones in question are really excellent from many points of view although wanting to put too much meat on the fire probably didn’t work too much in their favor.

The Black Shark BS-T1 are in fact headphones created for mobile gaming, but functions have been added that in some way deviate from this world. All that just said would not be bad at all if it did not create some malfunctioning situation.

At the audio level, the great Drivers are able to give a lot of satisfaction, the lows are well emphasized and the highs do not sin even when the decibels are raised.

Obviously also low latency helps in gaming.

The certification against water splashes has little to do with gaming but allows you to use headphones even to go for a run in the rain.

Also you can set the sound to enjoy music more naturally.

In a nutshell we are faced with a pair of headphones really suitable for every situation that make gaming their fulcrum but which still adapt to everything right? Unfortunately not!

We have tested these true wireless with different smartphones and also with our trusty Chuwi HiPad Pro without ever encountering any problems, or almost.

But the music changes as soon as you leave the mobile world. In fact, it was not possible for us to use the BS-T1s with a TV or PC! The tests were carried out on Panasonic TX-55JZ1000E and Samsung QLED 65 ″ Q85R as regards the TV and on a motherboard with integrated Bluetooth, specifically a Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro.

Also in mobile use it should also be noted that the signal is already lost at three meters distance between headphones and device.

If you leave the phone on the table and move away, even if only a few meters, the headphones will not allow you to speak. At first your voice will become metallic and then disappear soon after.

In all tests the audio was dotted with continuous micro, and not only, disconnections.

Who should buy these Black Shark BS-T1?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend these headphones to all mobile players who want to compete or enjoy audio designed for these functions. Obviously the 4 microphones also make these headphones excellent for party or call functions, remembering to always keep the smartphone very close.

The gestures work well and the IPX4 certification is a welcome plus. Too bad that they do not work outside the mobile sphere because they would have been an absolute best buy thanks to their practically negligible price thanks to the continuous offers proposed.

For gaming and nothing more

Points in favor

  • Excellent autonomy
  • IPX4 certification
  • Good audio sector and low latency

Points against

  • They only work on mobile devices
  • They also disconnect at basic distances
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