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Blackmagic Design: Introducing new products for broadcasting

Blackmagic Design unveiled new products specifically designed for broadcasting. Let’s find out together in this article

Il mondo del broadcasting it is always evolving and anyone who wants to get a high-level transmission must use the best tools available on the market. That’s what the engineers of Blackmagic Design when they produce gods new products designed specifically for this purpose. Today we are going to see the new arrivals of the Australian company which include: cameras Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro e Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro G2the line of switchers ATEM Television Studio HD8 and theATEM Microphone Converter.

Introducing the new products from Blackmagic Design

Starting from the cameras, the exceptional ones fifth generation sensors and the colorimetry from Blackmagic offer the same technology as digital cinema cameras. There 13-level dynamic range delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites, ideal for color matching. With resolutions of 3840 x 2160 and 6144 x 3456 respectively, the 4K and 6K versions are ideal for HD or UHD productions. It should also be emphasized that all models of this line support frame rates between 23.98 fps and 60 fps.

Both models can broadcast live from anywhere in the world, thanks to dial-up Internet connectivity. The 6K Pro also includes high quality neutral density filters which can be controlled remotely and quickly reduce the amount of light captured by the camera. These models are on sale immediately from €1,755.

Blackmagic Design: Introducing new products for broadcasting

The new ones mixer ATEM Television Studio HD8 come with built-in control panels with advanced features that allow streaming and recording of contentincluding signals of all sources in the ISO version, and support the connect up to eight cameras remotely. They also offer a communication system and the possibility of installing an optional internal memory. Mixers in this line include up to eight independent 3G SDI inputs with format conversion to different resolutions.

It is a’outstanding equipment which includes 8 SDI inputs with format conversion, 2 auxiliary outputs, 4 channels for chroma overlay, 2 compositors for post overlay, SuperSource function, 2 media players and numerous transitions. Furthermore, offers television studio functions such as web streaming directly from the device, recording, audio mixing, communication, simultaneous viewing and optional internal storage. I’m for sale from €2,935.

Blackmagic Design: Introducing new products for broadcasting

The new ATEM Microphone Converter is a device that allows you to obtain digital signals from analog sources and to connect additional microphones to ATEM mixers. With a MADI connection, only one BNC cable is required and there is no need to make complex settings. The high-quality design features a extremely low noise floor of -129 dBva dynamic range of -131 dB(A) it’s a minimal distortion of 0.002% with a uniform tolerance level on all channels. The HDMI output offers the possibility to connect monitors to monitor the signal and see how the waveform moves. This model will be available starting from the second quarter to recommended price of 389 €.

Blackmagic Design: Introducing new products for broadcasting

We remind you that you can find all these models on the official website. What do you think of these new products? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow!

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