Blackview: presented the new 14 ″ laptop Acebook1

A new beginning for Blackview, which is preparing to enter the laptop market for the first time with the new Acebook1, let’s find out

2021 will be a pivotal year for Blackview, which is preparing for the first time to enter the laptop market. Since the company’s inception in 2013, the brand had focused on durable smartphones, tablets and earphones. This year the entry into the new market with the first laptop gives 14 inches nicknamed Acebook1. Let’s see some features below.

Physical characteristics

What catches the eye is certainly the sturdy shell in aluminum alloy which guarantees sturdiness for years of use. Acebook1 adopts relatively expensive aluminum alloy materials with a greater resistance of the metal e impact resistance for the entire surface. The unibody design increases durability and impact survival that other laptops would not be able to withstand.

Ultra-light and portable, with thickness of 16,3 mm and weight just over kilogram.Come battery mount one from 6000 mAh (45.6 Wh) which promises up to 12 hours of video, 13 hours of regular work and 21 ore of screen in standby on a single charge.

Blackview: presented the new 14 "Acebook1 laptop

Speakers and screen

Display LCD FHD+ da 14″ with an almost invisible frame to offer a wide field of view with extraordinary sharpness. By combining this screen with the speakers, the visual and sound immersion will be total. Acebook1 in fact pairs 2 additional surround sound BOX speakers for symmetrical, strong and clear sound.

Touchpad, processor, RAM and storage

Another feature that sets the Blackview Acebook1 apart from other laptops is the 6.1-inch ultra-large sensitive touchpad. We are talking about 20% larger than the average. As a processor we find theIntel Gemini Lake N4120 e Intel UHD Graphics 600 with Windows 10 in mode S. The processor has 4 cores and 4 threads with a boost frequency of up to 2.6 GHz.

On board 4 GB of RAM DDR4 ROM (which can be expanded up to 8GB) and 128GB of SSD and the expandable 256GB storage space offer huge space to store pictures, videos, music and more.

Availability and prices

Blackview Acebook1 is priced at only 389,99€ (compared to € 499.99 as the original price) and will be available from 12 July to 24 July current year.

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