Genshin Impact: Aloy from the Horizon series will become a playable character

Aloy’s character becomes part of the world of Genshin Impact

The heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn and the future Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy, is ready to land on too Genshin Impact. The protagonist of the series created by the Guerrilla Games will in fact be a playable character even within the action RPG of MiHoYo, a Chinese software house that created the free-to-play title. Aloy is expected very soon, with the next update that will bring Genshin Impact to version 2.1

Aloy joins the cast of Genshin Impact characters

The arrival of Aloy on Genshin Impact, is part of a exclusive collaboration between Sony and the Chinese software house, which will see the protagonist of Horizon arrive inside the game from version 2.1, arriving between late August and early September. The character will be redeemable only on PS4 and PS5, and then also arrive on iOs, Android and PC from version 2.2. At the moment we know that the character will be obtainable for free by all players who have achieved at least l’Adventure Rank 20, via an email sent within the game.

Aloy will be a 5 star character, the rarest and most powerful level in the game, and will feature an exclusive bow called the 4-star Predator. The character will have like Cryo element, that is ice, and will also have a series of dedicated quests in which he will fight alongside the characters of Genshin Impact. MiHoYo’s free-to-play RPG has just updated to version 2.0, finally introducing a new region within the title. In fact, it has made its debut a few days ago Inazuma, the third major gaming region after Mondstadt and Liyue.

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