BlizzCon 2023, tickets available again for the most anticipated gaming event of the year

BlizzCon 2023, biglietti di nuovo disponibili per l'evento gaming più atteso dell'anno thumbnail

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Blizzard is ready to welcome the community to BlizzCon 2023 scheduled for 3 and 4 November. He also announced that the third ticket sales session will begin today, Friday 29 September, at 9pm CEST.

The planned schedule for Blizzcon 2023

Here is a preview of the program of events that will take place live.

  • Community night: the community takes the stage
  • Opening Ceremony: This year’s biggest news and reveals
  • Overwatch: presentation of new hero
  • Let’s get to know each other: meet friends and share stories
  • Let’s play the upcoming content: for Dragonflight and Classic
  • March of the Murlocs: Join the tradition
  • Overwatch World Cup: only one team will win the cup
  • Hearthstone Duel-A-Dev: challenge us!
  • Warcraft Rumble Rumblemania: demonstration games
  • Hell’s Ink from Diablo IV: sports the mark of the Dark Lord
  • Moments to share
  • World of Warcraft Guild Clash: who will win?
  • Boost your inventory: Return home with a free BlizzCon Backpack
  • Inclusion Nexus: Let’s celebrate what unites us
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Horadric Library
  • Much more

How to buy tickets for Blizzcon 2023

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Tickets will be sold through AXS. BlizzCon 2023 will be broadcast for free live streaming for those who cannot attend the event in person. There will also be details coming soon on a new set of in-game items for this year’s event called the BlizzCon Collection (no longer Virtual Ticket).

Blizzcon, what it’s all about

This year, the goal is to make BlizzCon an experiential event like never before. This year it will be a unique immersive experience and will take participants into the universes of Warcraft, Diablo e Overwatch with huge installations, works of art and thematic spaces where friends can meet.

Not only that, you’ll want to celebrate and experience what’s next, with the chance to hear developers from across Blizzard talk about their visions for games and their creations, and much more.

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