Intel 4: EUV mass production begins in Ireland

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Pat Gelsinger (CEO of Intel), Ann Kelleher (general director of technological development) e Keyvan Esfarjani (director of global operations) have officially announced a major news related to Intel 4.

Intel 4 with EUV technology: the future of cutting-edge devices

At Fab 34 in Leixlip (Ireland), Gelsinger, Kelleher and Esfarjani explained how this production process, made possible by technology Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV), will usher in and enable a future of cutting-edge Intel products: From the processors that power artificial intelligence to PCs to the chips that power the world’s largest data centers.

Intel 4, production started in Ireland

Intel leaders announced the start of high-volume production of Intel Process Technology 4 at Fab 34 in Leixlip, Ireland. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, Dr. Ann Kelleher, Intel’s general manager of technology development, and Keyvan Esfarjani, director of global operations, explained how the realization of this manufacturing phase, made possible by extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology ), ushered in a future of cutting-edge Intel products—from the processors that power artificial intelligence in PCs to the chips that power the world’s largest data centers.

Intel Innovation 2023: the benefits of an approach based on openness and choice

At the heart of the goals presented by Intel is a software-defined and silicon-accelerated based approach openness, possibility of choice, trust and security. In particular, the leading company in the technology sector has addressed the topic of artificial intelligence as a tool that can be used by developers.

They face challenges that prevent widespread deployment of client and edge, data center and cloud solutions. And this is precisely where Intel is committed to promoting a more open approach, providing the tools to simplify it development of secure AI applications and facilitate the necessary investments. In this way, Intel allows developers to bring AI everywhere.

One of the key aspects of Intel’s open ecosystem is end-to-end security. Thanks to Intel Transparent Supply Chainthis covers both the integrity of the hardware and firmware, and the protection of sensitive data in memory, through confidential computing.

To further strengthen the security of its platform and the protection of data, a new certification service, as part of Intel Trust Authority. This new service offers integrated functionality to enable confidential AI, improving the reliability of confidential computing environments, particularly with regards to future processors Intel Xeon.

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