Bloodborne: it seems there is no release of a version for PC

An unofficial source stated that, although Sony is actually working on porting to the PC, that of Bloodborne is not currently in the works.

Bad news for PC gamers: according to an unofficial source, the highly sought after ported in Bloodborne it is not currently under construction and, consequently, will not be announced anytime soon. Of the possible landing on the computer of theaction RPG developed by FromSoftware has been talked about for more than a year now but, if we want to give credit to our source, nothing concrete has been done to make this happen.

Bloodborne: Here’s why the game may not be coming to PC

To disavow the news that he wanted the port to the PC of Bloodborne in the development phase was the journalist and insider Lance McDonald, who spoke about the video game in a tweet. In his message McDonald did not categorically exclude the existence of a project to transpose the game but, at the same time, he stated that he has no information regarding its possible existence. In a later message, the insider also made a reference to numerous items concerning the title, regarding which he declared that, as far as he could verify, they were all unfounded.

On the other hand, according to Lance McDonald, several other PlayStation exclusives are destined to arrive shortly on PC. One of the titles that seems to be almost ready is Uncharted 4, although even in this case the only information available derives from unofficial sources. Finally, returning to talk about Bloodborne, it is possible that a PlayStation 5 version of the title is currently in development.

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