Bloodborne PS1: the release of the fanmade demake for PC has been set

The Bloodborne demake for PC is out, completely fanmade and free, developed on Unreal Engine

Good news for Soulslike fans: a demake by Bloodborne completely fanmade, which will make it look like it came straight out of PS1 (but playable on PC). Since Sony has always denied this possibility (the game is in fact an exclusive for PlayStation4, although many were hoping for a porting on computer), two developers, Lilith Walther e Corwyn Prichard, a year ago they decided to take matters into their own hands and play the game using Unreal Engine.

Bloodborne PS1: here’s what we know about the demake and its release

The trailer of the demake Bloodborne’s upcoming (Bloodborne PS1) show ten minutes of gameplay, in which the outdoor settings and the player who fights some enemies, with one boss fight final: all inclusive of classic Bloodborne gameplay features and dynamics. Lilith Walther has specified that the demake goes up to the fight with Father Gascoigne (which corresponds to approximately the 10% of the total of the game: it might seem little, but being a fanmade demake developed from scratch, the result is remarkable). Walther has already stated that it will not develop the remaining 90% of the game (but the source code will be released a few months after its release, so it could lead others to continue its work).

The developer also specified that the game will be completely free and that being designed for PC it will not work on PS1 emulators (although Bloodborne PSX was developed specifically to look like a title released for the first PlayStation). The game will be available for download from January 31, 2022. While in, Sony leaked the idea of ​​a possible sequel to Bloodborne, developed by Bluepoint Games (recent purchase of the Japanese manufacturer).

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