Bloodborne: remastered coming to PS5, PC version and sequel?

During the latest episode of the Xbox Era Podcast, new information has arrived regarding a remastered, a PC port and a sequel to Bloodborne.

For some time now, discussions about a potential remastered or sequel, or even a PC port, of Bloodborne, are on the agenda. The From Software title was one of the PlayStation 4 exclusives most appreciated by the whole community and Sony users. New info, relating to all these themes, arrived during the last appointment with XboxEra Podcast and was revealed by the well-known insider Nick Baker.

Nick Baker reveals details on Bloodborne’s remastered, sequel and PC port

That all this information relating to a Sony exclusive came during an episode of the XboxEra Podcast is certainly strange but, at the same time, they are of particular and fundamental importance. As already mentioned, the discussions around the Bloodborne ecosystem have been many in recent times and, Nick Baker, seems to have confirmed what was rumored and assumed for some time. According to his words, a PC port, a PS5 remastered and even a Bloodborne sequel should be on the way. Bluepoint Games (recently acquired by Sony itself) should be working on the latter two (remastered and sequel). We leave you here the episode of the XboxEra Podcast:

This is certainly interesting information which, as already mentioned, confirms many of the rumors circulated in recent weeks and months. At the same time, however, despite the source Nick Baker being absolutely reliable, we have to take this news with caution and wait for official confirmation by Sony and also, at this point, by Bluepoint Games itself, brought up by the good Nick. Pending confirmation let us know what you think with a comment.

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