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Blue Reflection Second Light: two new characters confirmed

Koei Tecmo Europe and developer Gust Studios have introduced two new students to the academy of Blue Reflection: Second Light, Uta Komagawa and Kirara Kuno. They join the cast in hopes of unlocking the key to each character’s lost memories and unraveling the mysteries behind this beautifully animated JRPG. The title is currently in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 e Steam and will be available across Europe on November 9, 2021.

Blue Reflection Second Light: Two new characters arrive

Koei Tecmo also released a Gameplay Tour Video along with the announcement, detailing the activities available at the academy and introducing the combat system. Download all the assets of this announcement, including the new video, by clicking here. Meanwhile, two female students are transported to the mysterious floating academy, looking for clues to find their way home, with only their names as memories.

The tormented Uta Komagawa is the first new character to be announced. Originally introduced in the Blue Reflection Ray anime, Uta is known for being quiet and insecure, but upon entering the academy, the other students are a little wary of her for unknown reasons. Joining Uta at the Academy is the prophetic Kirara Kuno. While Kirara he really lost his memories, he seems to have an otherworldly ability to predict the future. Will Kirara’s words about the future help reveal the truth behind her past?

The two new students join a cast of characters who seek to deepen their bonds as they explore this beautiful but bizarre new world. Once out of the floating academy, students enter Heartscape, a dangerous place where they search for clues to their past, looking for objects to create and battling monsters as they try to uncover fragments of lost memories.

We point out that the game is available for purchase in two versions. The version Premium Box of the game contains an Academy Notebook-style photo album, a deluxe fabric poster, a special CD, an exclusive DLC costume and the game. The version Collector’s Edition of the game includes all the contents in the Premium Box, as well as a canvas bag, a bath towel illustrated with artwork by Ao Hoshizaki, two mini acrylic charms and an album with original illustrations.

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