Bluesky è il nuovo social del fondatore di Twitter Jack Dorsey thumbnail

Bluesky is Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s new social network

Bluesky is the new social network of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey thumbnail

Credit: Bluesky su App Store

After selling Twitter to Elon Muskat the end of last year, Jack Dorsey is now about to launched a new social network called Bluesky. In reality, the project was originally born within Twitter itself but is now about to become a separate platform that could even compete with the blue social network owned by Elon Musk.

The Verge reports that Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, has been working on a platform based on the open source protocol for months Authenticated Transfer Protocol (ATP). Bluesky is described as a social hub that allows access to several separate networks. If so Bluesky it might be more like Mastodon than Twitter.

Bluesky: the social network arrives on iOS but by invitation only

Bluesky is already available on the App Store (also for Italy). However, access to the social network is still closed to most, given that the app is currently in beta. It is possible though join the waiting list, which seems to be quite long. The Verge also reports that, at least for the app’s early stages, Bluesky will only be accessible upon invitation from another user. A bit like what happened for Clubhouse at the start.

From a practical point of view Bluesky would appear to be a mix between Mastodon and Twitter itself. TechCrunch explains that users will be able to switch between separate tabs, which represent different networks. In addition to the home, notifications and search function, the social network will implement a button to share third-party content (just like with Twitter retweets).

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