HUAWEI WATCH Buds: the new 2 in 1 device finally available

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Finally available in Italy the new HUAWEI WATCH Buds, the first smartwatch that contains two practical earphones

HUAWEI WATCH Buds, the Chinese company’s first smartwatch with equipped display of hooking magnetic which contains two practical earphones inside, is available starting today in Italy. HUAWEI WATCH Buds is built with handcrafted care and cutting-edge techniques. 20 different components are joined through a precision laser welding technology that uses the outer material to optimize the size, connection and aesthetics of the product. From design to hardware, HUAWEI WATCH Buds it is a completely unique device of its kind.

Miniaturized structure in an elegant design | HUAWEI WATCH Buds

HUAWEI WATCH Buds feature a refined steel body that ensures greater strength and high corrosion resistance, and features an elegant luster rendered by craftsmanship of excellence.

The high definition color display AMOLED 1.43-inch screen with 466 x 466 resolution is seamlessly integrated into the case stainless steel. The button and crown of the watch are decorated with the Clous de Paris motif whose delicate texture gives it a one-of-a-kind metallic brilliance. The smartwatch is graced with a softly milled full-grain calfskin leather strap1 that adds a touch of softness elegant touch to device.

HUAWEI WATCH Buds: the new 2 in 1 device finally available

Its thickness of only 14.99mm is given by 21 layers of pure technology, including a photoelectric sensor with eight channels, a micron-precise rotating shaft, a charging cradle for earphones, a unit of magnetic hookup and, indeed, a couple of auricolari true wireless microlights present below of the clock face.

True wireless earphones with adaptive identification technology | HUAWEI WATCH Buds

As a one-of-a-kind smartwatch that can also integrate a pair of earphones, HUAWEI WATCH Buds it has an innovative design that allows it to reveal the earphones hidden inside with a quick touch.

In terms of sound quality, they are equipped with full-range four-magnet planar diaphragm, which can offer a powerful sound until 104dB, full frequency and high resolution, with clear and detailed sound reproduction. They also support adaptive triple equalization and active noise cancellation. The sound is optimized in real time based on the structure of the ear canal, the state of use and the level of the volume, thus personalizing the experience Of I listen at full frequency.

HUAWEI WATCH Buds: the new 2 in 1 device finally available

Both earphones of HUAWEI WATCH Buds feature a polymer-coated octagonal cylindrical design with platings in platinum e technology of adaptive identification which makes them interchangeable between left ear e right, even when placed in the case.

Smartwatch complete with functions for sport and monitoring your well-being

HUAWEI WATCH Buds offer a full set of smartwatch features. It supports various functions of monitoring of the well being, as the automatic detection from the saturation blood oxygen , heart rate monitoring with TruSee 5.0+ and sleep tracking, and inherits the innovations introduced by line-up Of wearable Huawei for the world of sport and fitness.

It features 80 sports modes, including 10 professional such as outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, rope skipping, elliptical machine, rowing machine, free training.

The battery of HUAWEI WATCH Buds is able to power both the watch and the earphones allowing use up to 3 days after a full charge and up to 7 days in energy saving mode, which will stop charging the earphones to increase the life of the watch. Also, with HUAWEI WATCH Wireless Super Chargermade of high thermal conductivity oxidized ceramic, the heat dissipation capacity has been improved by 100% compared to the previous generation.

HUAWEI WATCH Buds can be easily synced with every smartphone, whether the device is Android or iOS. The same goes for l’app HUAWEI Health, available for all operating systems, which allows you to manage smartwatch e earphones.

HUAWEI WATCH Buds: the new 2 in 1 device finally available

Price and availability

HUAWEI WATCH Buds is available starting today, 1st March, on the Huawei Store at the price of 499,90 EUR. Until March 19, by entering the code AWATCHBUDS you will get one discount Of 50 euros per cartthus purchasing it a 449,90 euro with also the Complimentary HUAWEI Scale 3 scale.

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